10 – Jor-El’s Plan – Suicide Squad – Flash vs. Arrow

coverblackIn this episode, we breakdown Jor-El’s plan to stop the Kryptonians; we take a look at the characters, cast, and creators for Suicide Squad; and consider what lessons we can learn from CW’s Flash vs. Arrow crossover. We address all the questions below!

  • Why does Jor-El’s plan make sense?
  • Why doesn’t How It Should Have Ended ending work?
  • Why was Dr. Hamilton on the C-17?
  • Why was it logical for Lois to be on the C-17?
  • What was the Phantom Drive doing for the World Engine?
  • Why did the strikes have to be coordinated?
  • Why couldn’t Superman tackle the Black Zero first?
  • Why couldn’t the World Engine be sucked into a singularity?
  • What is the Suicide Squad?
  • Why support Warner Brothers Animation direct to video DC projects?
  • How do press releases tell us Superman is going to get more screen time than Batman?
  • What can the characters, cast, and creators tell us about the DCCU?
  • Why not shoot entirely in IMAX?
  • What lessons can we learn from Flash vs. Arrow?

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • Does killing Clark Kent solve the secret identity issue?
  • Why didn’t Jor-El jump the Black Zero into a star or blow Zod out the airlock?
  • Will Zod return in BvS?
  • Will the DCCU movies be in chronological order?
  • Will they explain the changes to Superman’s suit?

How It Should Have Ended: Man Of SteelOfficial Suicide Squad Press Release

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  1. Great show as always. A SS movie question: Viola Davis has landed the role of Amanda Waller. Thoughts?

    Take care. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I’m always conservative about unofficial casting and even the report breaking the story hedges by saying things like “provided that the filmmakers can work out her TV schedule” and “if it works out”, however, if it pans out, I’m over the moon since she was my first pick.

      A part of me wanted Oprah because of the hype and the spectacle that would surround such casting, but for the sake of the film, I genuinely believe Davis is the better fit. She’s less distracting and can completely disappear into the role. She’s younger and more likely to reoccur for the long haul, and she’s more of an actor’s actor right now. Waller is 100% in her wheelhouse right now and the only “downside” of the casting is how safe it is. Even then she’s capable of stunning performances which can surprise even in an established role like “How To Get Away With Murder”. She’s on fire with two Academy Award Nominations in the last decade. If anyone could bring gravitas and rein in this cast of stars, she’s my pick.

      Octavia Spencer would work, but she has a really distinct look and is a prolific actress, which may cause you to recall some of her more comedic performances. She’s also tiny at 5’2″, not that Waller gets her power, necessarily, from her physicality but it is a part of presence.

      Oprah’s Academy Award nomination was in ’86. She’s a billionaire who doesn’t need acting or the spotlight, so if she was on board it would have to be because the script or project seemed outstanding, since there’s very little economic, professional, or profile incentive for her to do it. So her signing would be say something about the film. I haven’t seen enough of her work to know if she can disappear into a role but I think it might be a feat.

      Thanks again for comment and question, a new episode covering Lois-related questions and those other recent rumors should be up in the next day or so.

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