12 – Oil Rig Virtues – Heroism

coverblackIn this episode, we unpack the virtues of the oil rig scene and the virtues exhibited by Clark in that scene; we listen to Zack Snyder talk about the making of the scene and Henry Cavill talk about some of the stunt work with Jay Leno a week before the film’s premiere; and we discuss what makes a hero. We touch on the topics below:

  • Why do I say “reasonable minds will differ” every episode?
  • What virtues did Clark show in this short scene?
  • What is the significance of calling him “Greehorn” three times?
  • How do the filmmakers show us Clark’s limitations here?
  • Why is a Superman with limits a good thing for storytelling?
  • When does Clark show optimism, hope, humility, and possibly humor?
  • Why did they have Clark yell when propping up the derrick?
  • Why didn’t Clark use super speed to rescue the workers?
  • What did Clark’s heroism cost him?
  • What is the definition of heroism?
  • What’s the difference between classical, literary, and modern heroism?
  • How to answer the criticism that Superman is not a “real” hero because he’s strong and invulnerable?
  • Do you have to be a paragon to be a hero?
  • Why does this scene come before the flashbacks?

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • What does ordering Scotch “straight up” get you?
  • How did Clark get his job at the Daily Planet?
  • How did Lois survive being left in the Arctic?
  • How did Clark find the ship under the ice?

You’ve Got Possibilities – Alli Mauzey

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