13 – Flashbacks – Theft – Maybe

coverblackIn this episode, we’ll go over the purpose of the flashbacks, see what we can learn from the classroom scene, tackle whether Clark is a thief, look at the subjectivity of Superman, explore some of the themes of the film using a parable, and finally, we discuss that infamous answer: “Maybe.” We’ve got some very short clips from D.J. Des Jardin, Diane Lane, and Dylan Sprayberry. Maybe we raise the following questions:

  • Why use flashbacks instead of a chronological structure?
  • Is Superman a criminal?
  • How did the editor show passage of time with the cuts?
  • Why is Mrs. Ross visiting good for Clark’s secret?
  • How do legalism and principles differ?
  • Will BvS feature flashbacks like MOS?
  • How does the parable of the old and new garments apply to MOS?
  • Why organically grow Superman from principles instead of retreading codified absolutes?
  • What distinguishes the kids on the bus from the strangers under the overpass?
  • Why did Jonathan say “maybe” to Clark?
  • How does a teenage pregnancy help explain that answer?
  • What does bar mitzvah have to do with Man of Steel?

…and much more!

Goyer on religious elements 1 2 3
Snyder on religious parallels
WB’s religious marketing
Smallville KO Count
defintion of maybe

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  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast. I love it. After listening to your comments and watching the movie again I confess I enjoy it even more.
    I’ll try to comment more in time for you to read my theories about Kal El’s powers and how they are portrayed in the film

  2. Thanks again Dr. Awkward. I’m wondering if I want to comment on older podcast episodes what would be better for you? to go to the podcast episode and comment there or write in the latest episode making references to the topics from older ones.
    thanks for your feedback.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment.


    • My hope is that each podcast can be somewhat “evergreen” so people can refer back to them. So if you have a relevant question, comment, insight, or answer you want people who click on that episode to see, you can put it under that episode. That said, I don’t mind whatever you do.

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