14 – Epic Mailbag

coverblackWe clear the docket and run through the mailbag in this unscripted episode. We weigh-in on the following questions:

  • How can spaceship parts help Batman survive getting punched by Superman?
  • What is one of the least realistic things about Man of Steel and why I like it?  Hint: choreographed Martial Arts
  • Does Man of Steel mean that the rest of the DCCU will never be all-ages?  Is that a problem?
  • What is the recommended approach to trying to get insight into a scene?  When should the filmmakers be clearer?
  • Why did Zod show Kal-El images of suffering if he wanted his help?  Are Zod and Jor-El artists?
  • Do most people like Man of Steel?
  • Why did Superman react to Zod’s death but not the end of the Genesis Chamber and World Engine?
  • Did the film need more space between Metropolis and the drone scene?
  • Why doesn’t this podcast respond to specific haters?
  • Is Man of Steel three different films?
  • Does the film have bad pacing or bad dialog?
  • Could we get a trilogy?
  • Why the year 2033 matters to the WB?
  • Who made the super suit?

…and more! Check out the start of our new video series.

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  1. Woo thanks a lot for answering my comment about the Clark secret identity revealing possibility. Indeed I tried to put on the shoes of the police officer and no other shoes since I was giving my opinion from a single POW. However your answer gave me insight not only for the movie but to other everyday little thing we have to analyze in order to make a decision. All in all I really appreciate you taking time to answer my comment.

  2. In response to the cop hearing Lois call Superman “Clark”, the filmmakers have said that they made the movie with the idea in mind that some people in Smallville know Clark has special powers. They’ve probably known for a while, given the mysterious miracles that happened when he was growing up (for example: the school bus coming up out of the water after running off the bridge). Lois Lane and Martha Kent aren’t Clark’s only secret keepers.

    I like your approach to look at “Man Of Steel” with positivity. So refreshing.

    • In retrospect, it sure gives new weight to the end of BvS, where a considerable chunk of Smallville’s population comes to Clark’s funeral. A lot of them seem to be in Clark’s age-range, wanna bet that they were the kids on that fateful bus ride? (One thing I really don’t like about MoS is that they made Lana a brunette, and now I can’t pick the adult woman out of a line :P)

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