15 – You Are My Son – Understanding Jonathan

coverblackIn this episode, we do a little music-appreciation of Clark’s theme and break down the reveal of the starship. We explore Jonathan’s background and his parenting.  Finally we look at a deleted scene shared by Costner.

Featuring clips with Hans Zimmer, Dylan Sprayberry, Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.

We touch on the following questions:

  • What does Clark’s theme say about the Kents?
  • How does Zimmer relate to Superman?
  • How could the Kents have hidden the ship?
  • Why didn’t the government come and take the ship?
  • What kind of access to information did Jonathan have?
  • Why is Jonathan skeptical of the government?
  • Why does Jonathan think the world will fear extraterrestrials?
  • Why did Jonathan tell people to go for the overpass?
  • What is the significance of Kansas State?
  • What cues does Man of Steel take from Superman Earth One?
  • What would Jor-El think of Jonathan?
  • How did Jonathan deal with Clark’s emotions?
  • What kinds of values could Jonathan teach Clark as a farmer?
  • Why did they cut Jonathan fishing with Clark?

…and more! Check out more of our new video series.

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  1. Cool episode Doctor. I’m really loving these podcasts. When will the next “Man Of Steel Myths” come out?

  2. Thanks for diving into Jonathan Kent’s life. Puts how he’d raise Clark into perspective and why he acted the way he did in the tornado scene.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that Kevin Costner would repeat parts of his lines! I agree with you that it was an acting choice Costner made.

    I’ve always liked that the line about “standing proud in front of the Human Race” comes back into play when Superman stands in front of the military when Zod and Faora come for him and Lois to take them up to the Black Zero.

    I’ve loved Zimmer’s work on “Inception”, The Dark Knight Trilogy, “Intestellar”, and “Megamind”, but I think his “Man Of Steel” score is my favorite.

    Normally, when composers write for Superman, they write horn (typically, trumpet) fanfares which is great and all, but Zimmer went against that and used pedal steel guitars, piano, and percussion. I appreciated that he didn’t go for the obvious, but paid more attention to what the character and the story were making him feel. That really comes across in his music because the tracks make me FEEL Superman (especially, “Earth”) and Clark. The score is character correct for everyone.

    Great episode of the podcast!

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