17 – Trucker Tantrum – Action Tribute

coverblackAn epic homage to Action Comics No. 1… or just the product of my exhaustion and low-blood sugar?  A complete breakdown of the bar and smashed truck scene… how Clark pulled it off and whether he went too far.

Featuring clips with Zack Snyder, Allison Crowe, and composer Junkie XL.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • This scene as tribute to Action Comics No. 1
  • What is “source music” in film?
  • “Sweetie” and Clark’s love life
  • What kind of charges and sentence could Ludlow face?
  • What’s tricky about the truck smashing?
  • How Man of Steel‘s Clark shows more endurance than Kingdom Come‘s Superman
  • What Superman shares with the 400 year-old legend of Robin Hood
  • Empathy for others and hope for tomorrow
  • What’s that growling noise?

…and more!  In the Mailbag:

  • Psychosomatic magical weakness
  • An Understanding Martha episode?
  • Wonder Woman wearing wedges
  • Two ways to swim super fast
  • Batman isn’t Iron Man

The Man of Steel Myths video series continues:

  • 6 Mini-MythsYouTube
  • Jimmy Olsen Was Replaced By Jenny
  • Superman Never Tried To Take The Fight Away
  • The Fight Never Left Metropolis
  • The Hostage Family Died
  • He Should Have Covered Zod’s Eyes
  • Superman Never Smiles

Man of Steel’s Action Comics No. 1 TributeYouTube
“Choose to Be (Happy)” by Allison Crowe – Album: Little Light
Collider interviews Junkie XL

Happy Pi Day!

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  1. Finally got around to watching this one Doc. Great episode, and I can’t believe I didn’t catch the Action Comics. 1 reference. Anyway, are you going to be doing a podcast discussing the Lex Luthor photo?

    • Hey Jonathan! Been pretty busy, but hope to get an episode out this weekend tackling the color-grading, costume coloring, and shades of right-and-wrong, with some mailbag answers. I could probably talk about the Luthor photo a bit, I’m more intrigued by Snyder’s comments in the article. Interesting topic, thanks for raising it.

      • Can’t wait for that podcast Doc. Question. Have you ever heard about the cancelled “Green Arrow” film. It was called “Green Arrow: Escape From SuperMax”? It was going to come out but then DC decided to make “Arrow”. I found a leaked version of the script online and it sounded really cool.

        • I think I’ve skimmed it years back.
          I’ve got probably about a hundred screenplays on my tablet which I rarely get around to reading, but might someday.
          I don’t remember reading it, but I remember reaction being largely positive… but it was also before Green Arrow’s profile increased so much. I suspect it would be a harder sell today, but again, I don’t remember it personally.

          • Sweet. Got a couple on questions.
            1. What other screenplays do you have?
            2. If you had the chance to make a DC film, who would it be about? (You can’t pick any of the announced films, that includes Superman and Batman solo films)
            3. Do you believe in aliens?

          • 1. Too many to list. I used to have an account with a screenplay repository site and I’d just archive everything to read “someday”… there was a killer Aliens v. Predator script in there long before the actual thing came out and largely disappointed audiences.

            2. Fun question, thanks for asking, I may use this for a mailbag.

            3. Haha, save this for a mailbag too.

  2. Great stuff man!!!!!!! Keep it up 🙂

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