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Earth Belongs To Humans
Return to {S}ender
Illegal Alien
Deport Superman
When Invasion Becomes Reality Revolt Becomes Duty
Aliens are Non-American
Superman Took Your Planet
Fly Home
Go Home Fascist
{Swastika Shield}
{alien Grey head}
{stop signs}
{interdictory circle Superman shield}
{hung by gallows and then immolated effigy}

3 – Powers Part 1 – Super Hearing and X-Ray Vision

coverblackThis is the first of a three part series where we cover those abilities, traits, and powers that set Superman part in the Man of Steel.  In this episode, we cover:

  1. Natural Born Kryptonian
  2. Kryptonian Codex
  3. Respiratory Adaptation
  4. Genetic Memory
  5. Super Hearing
  6. X-Ray Vision

While covering our topics, we will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • What kind of baggage did Jor-El have preventing him from coming to Earth?
  • How could Jax-Ur discover the Codex was bonded to Kal-El from a blood sample but be unable to recover the Codex from the sample?
  • How could the Codex be bonded to Kal-El?  Why did the film show us blood cells?  How could that work?
  • Is there evidence Superman can use his powers without breathing?
  • As a child, who was Clark imitating by wearing a cape?
  • If Superman has super hearing, how does he get surprised?
  • What is the maximum range of super hearing?  What does auditory omniscience mean?
  • Can Superman use his X-Ray Vision to uncover Batman’s secret identity in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

…and more!

[EDIT: I totally forgot about the interrogation scene where Superman is able to read Hamilton’s ID card!  That changed the X-Ray Vision analysis some.]

Cells that Last a Lifetime
Yahoo Movies Blu-Ray Release Q&AHosted by Kevin Smith and Featuring Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, & Henry Cavill
Acoustic Reflex
Potato Chip Microphone

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“Holding Kryptonite” Interview & Review

Steve Younis and Michael Bailey of Radio KAL Live and have a brilliant interview with the authors of “Holding Kryptonite” which provides incredible insight into the first ten years of Superman’s creation through the lens of correspondence between DC and Superman’s creators. The correspondence was literally recovered from the an old legal file set to be thrown into the trash, recovered by a neighboring legal assistant to serendipitously saved the file to share with the world! Michael and Steve were kind enough to ask a few of my questions to the authors and the interview is a must-listen.

I finished reading this book over the weekend… read more

MOSAIC Episode 2 – Tangential Trinity – Kryptonian Wonder Woman, Beef with Batman, Sunny Superman

coverblackIn this episode, we cover:

  1. What impact the World Engine scrap might have?
  2. We talked about the open pod and its possible ties to Wonder Woman.
  3. We discussed two ways Superman might tackle Kryptonian technology and how giving humanity access might cause him to come into conflict with Batman.
  4. What Batman’s logical attitude towards Superman could be?
  5. How Batman could have an illogical attitude towards Superman could be justified.
  6. How Man of Steel lays the groundwork for an optimistic Superman.
  7. And my preferences on the approach to the Superman Batman conflict and partnership.

While covering our topics, we touch on the following questions:

  • What’s the deal with the open pod and who was the survivor?
  • Can Superman breath in space?
  • Where should the Fortress of Solitude be?
  • Why would Superman support the proliferation of Kryptonian technology?

…and more!

Liquid Geo featurette

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MOSAIC Episode 1 – Kryptonian Tech!

coverblackIn this episode, we cover the Remnants of Kryptonian Technology. What’s still on Earth after “Man of Steel” concluded and may appear again in the DC Cinematic Universe:

  1. Lois’s Escape Pod
  2. Kryptonian Signals or Code
  3. Environmental Impact / Terraformed Earth
  4. Zod’s Body
  5. Scout Ship
  6. Zod’s Arctic Shuttle /Dropship
  7. Zod’s Armor

While covering our topics, we answer the following questions:

  • Who is Car-Vex?
  • How did Lois fall away from the Phantom Zone singularity?
  • Could we see the return of Jor-El’s AI?
  • Why don’t Kryptonians have hovering jet packs?
  • Did the Kryptonians know they weren’t alone in the universe?
  • A new DCCU origin for The Flash?
  • Is Kryptonian armor powered?  How durable is it?

…and much more!

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Why Superman and Open World Gaming Don’t Mix

How to make players act like Superman without resenting restriction?

Superman is more than mechanics.  A game must prevent players from resenting restriction and the people of Metropolis. Can a players be instilled with the feelings, attitudes, and values of the noble Superman?

I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which many approached the issue of an open-world Superman game. However, I respectfully dissent that such a game would be well-received by general audiences. I’ve reflected since the 2005, anticipating Superman Returns, and believe that Superman and open-world gaming do not mix… yet.

The appeal of open-world gaming comes from balancing:

  • The Environment and its Traversal (World)
  • Providing As Much Freedom As Possible (Open)
  • Immersing Player into the Character (Game)

Superman presents unique challenges: read more