9 – Secret Identity – Kept By MOS But Hard To Keep Onwards

coverblackIn this episode, we’re looking at the secret identity. What’s being protected, how it was maintained in Man of Steel, and if it can be preserved going forwards.  We address all the questions below and hear what David Goyer has to say about the secret identity’s future.

  • Why would the government not pursue the identity?
  • Did Lois confirm that she knows Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois’s first article compromise Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois’s second article blow Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois reveal the identity by yelling Clark at his farm?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by giving up his ship?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by giving his age?
  • Did surrendering give away his identity?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by saying he’s from Kansas?
  • Did The Battle of Smallville give away Superman’s identity?
  • Did the kiss give away Superman’s identity?
  • Does Perry know?
  • Does Suicide Squad change things?
  • What technologies can help keep the identity?
  • How can the government, The Daily Planet, or Lex Luthor help keep the identity?
  • Can the trope survive modern reality?

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • “Did Zod realize he’d lose his powers by making Earth like Krypton? If he didn’t how would he rule all those people with powers?”
  • “Why did it have to be Earth? Why couldn’t Zod have terraformed Mars or another planet?”
  • The possibility that Superman’s invulnerability can be controlled by his will, so if he wants to shave, he simply lowers his force-field to become like a normal human being.
  • Did Warner Brothers mandate Snyder include Batman? Will Snyder be required to have Batman beat Superman and give Batman more screen-time?

We won’t have a typical show this holiday but might do a mailbag if you send in your questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Has Snyder Moved On? Is The WB Imposing Batman On Us?

ZD7ZcVyI’ve received a lot of thoughtful responses to Zack Loves Superman. Many positive which I appreciate, but also some with additional concerns, which I’d like to address.

They raise plenty of good points that nothing in the video is relevant if Snyder is unreliable- either not completely honest about his feelings, playing politics, or if his feelings have changed- or if, irrespective of his feelings, Warner Brothers is mandating an emphasis on Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In either of those cases, I would tend to agree, but I’d also hope that neither situation is the case. We’re operating on very limited information. We have yet to see a single frame of confirmed footage or one iota of official plot. In the absence of facts our reactions are being guided by our emotions and pre-conceived notions and prejudices more than anything else.

Thus in the absence of such facts, I’m electing to be hopeful. I’m deciding to be optimistic. That choice makes anticipation for this film a wonderful, rather than a hand-wringing, experience.

Statistically speaking, of course, it’s still the safest way to travel.

Facts, inferences, evidence, and data can help quell anxiety, but even they can’t convince someone committed to worry or a position of dread. Of course, their fears could ultimately be entirely justified… but what a way to spend the next year of your life! (Or half-decade if including the other slated DCCU films!) I can only offer you some meager arguments… for those who want to believe, have faith, and have hope. I can’t prove the future will be good. I can’t make you hope. However, I can try to share mine. read more

How could Lara have concealed her pregnancy?


How could Lara have concealed her pregnancy?

Operating under the assumption that the Kryptonian gestation period is long enough that Lara would have had to conceal her condition, how do we explain no one catching the natural birth in progress?

The structure Jor-El and Lara call home is referred to twice in the film as a “citadel” which is another name for a fortress or castle. In other words, something hardened to survive against and through a siege. This suggests that the Citadel is sufficiently self-sustaining that Lara could have carried Kal-El to term without venturing into society which may take issue with her natural birth. read more

“Batman can kick Superman’s ass.” [archive]

Originally written by me in 2005 on BlueTights.net as TheFlash


When people say: “Batman can kick Superman’s ass” they really mean one of three things:

  1. I like Batman more and think he can do anything.
  2. I think Batman can win a one-sided battle where he’s prepared and Superman isn’t; and I’ve read comics like that.
  3. I think Batman can beat Superman under specific circumstances, but all things being equal, Superman will almost always win.

With Case 1, there’s no arguing with these people. No matter what you say they are so blindly devoted they won’t listen to the other side. Don’t bother. With Case 3, I think the individual is reasonable enough and there’s no need to force them to say Superman will ALWAYS win unless we’re suffering from a bit of Case 1 ourselves, but with a Superman bent. I think a mixture of Case 2 and a little bit of 1 is the predominant viewpoint of people who say it.

The thing is, they typically don’t acknowledge the inequality in preparation or technology… it’s almost always a contrived circumstance to bring about a Bat-victory by the skin of Bruce’s teeth. Even if they do, they put their faith in Batman’s preparation and planning (and sometimes technology) to rule the day. The following addresses that (reposted):

Despite the incredibly persistent and wide-spread belief that Batman has a dozen plans up his sleeve to take out Superman, historically it’s been proven otherwise again and again. Let’s take some examples: read more

8 – Zack Loves Superman – Answering Superman Fan Fears For BvS

coverblackIn this episode, we listen to Zack Snyder talk about Superman, his approach to Man of Steel, and whether he is adapting Superman from The Dark Knight Returns.  Then I finally get to some mailbag questions!

  • Some Superman fans are afraid that Superman is going to be disrespected by Batman at Snyder’s hand in the upcoming Batman v. Superman.
  • Some believe that the realistic tone of Man of Steel shows favoritism towards Batman.
  • Some fear that Snyder prefers Batman over Superman and that alleged bias means building up Batman at Superman’s expense.
  • Some fear Snyder is trying to adapt The Dark Knight Returns into BvS and shoehorn its Superman into the DC Cinematic Universe.
  • There are concerns that BvS will be a Batman-centric film and that Superman will be short-changed his development before Justice League.

While combing through hours of interviews for Man of Steel Answers Insight Commentary (MOSAIC), I’ve quickly put together some of Snyder’s comments which would tend to dispel or address those fears.

BvS is not a DKR adaptation. It’s a film that will develop Superman to the point that we can get to a Justice League. After carefully cultivating a realistic tone for us to relate to Superman, Snyder isn’t going to betray that for Batman. Snyder holds Superman in too high regard for that.

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • Does Batman getting top billing in the title matter?
  • What about the Kryptonite rumors?
  • Can DC catch up with Marvel?
  • What about Lex Luthor on the Suicide Squad?
  • Set photos of a Batman landmark event?

Batman v. Superman Will Honor Superman – Zack Loves Superman – Answering Superman Fan Fears For BvS
A Thesis On Man Of Steel

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The History of Superman’s Powers [Fanzig]

by Juan Martin Ponce

Originally published in 2002 on Fanzig

Many different versions of Superman, who has been constantly published since 1938, have existed throughout the years. In this article I will discuss the number and level of his superpowers in each version. First, the Golden Age or “Earth Two Superman,” then the Silver Age or “Earth One Superman,” and lastly, the post-crisis Superman, the Superman introduced in John Byrne’s “Man of Steel” miniseries in 1986.

Some readers may believe a fourth version of Superman has existed since the reintroduction of his “silver-age” Krypton origin in Superman 166 (volume 2), but – in my opinion – there are only three versions, not four, because Superman 166 did not change the history or chronology of the post-crisis Superman. It only messed around with his origin (the history of these different versions and their first and last appearances will be material for a future article). read more