16 – The Amazon & The Atlantean – Magic Weakness

coverblackAquaman revealed!  We consider the culture, costumes, and casting of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  Then discuss whether Kryptonians are weak to magic.

Featuring clips with costume designer Michael Wilkinson, VSauce2’s Kevin Lieber, Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter, Gloria Steinem, Denny O’Neil, Zack Snyder, Tim Gunn, and more!

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • When can we expect the next tease?
  • What does “only one true king” mean?
  • Aquman’s Arthurian parallels.
  • “The seven seas” phase is how old?
  • Why am I excited about Polynesian culture being used?
  • Does this serious picture preclude an outrageous Aquaman?
  • Do costumes have to be practical?  What role does culture play?
  • Will the costumes to change with every appearance?
  • The history of heels and neckties.
  • How do they pull off stunt work and fights in heels?
  • Should Wonder Woman wear pants?
  • Superman’s briefs as a lightning rod.
  • How to pronounce “Gadot” correctly.
  • Mitigating Gadot’s lack of acting experience.
  • What Gadot has in common with Carter.
  • Actors doing their own stunts.
  • Shipping Aquaman and Wonder Woman.
  • Why magic as a Kryptonian weakness makes less sense than as a vulnerability.
  • Could Atlantis and Themyscira protect Superman’s secret identity?
  • What does Lynda Carter think about Superman? (Stay tuned to the very end!)

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Man of Steel Myths:

StarShipSofa – Jeff VanderMeer’s “Shark God”
VSauce2 – Heels Were Made For Men
Crazy Sexy Geeks: The Series – Wonder Woman Debate!
Supergirl Radio – Hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson
Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

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Man of Steel Myths: Fighting Zod Was Easy / Kal Caused Serious Collateral

Using fighting-game metrics we illustrate the gap in skill and experience between General Zod, Krypton’s military leader, and Superman, who threw a punch for the first time in his life earlier that same day.  Detractors place completely unrealistic expectations on a total rookie fighting for his life.

Some have unfairly and harshly judged Superman by unrealistically expecting rescue efforts, attempts at diplomacy, complex strategies, and ploys to bait or lure Zod.  The metrics show Superman is barely able to keep up with Zod, much less impossibly think and act well-beyond his body of experience or situation.
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Man of Steel Myths: Zod Should Have Terraformed Mars

Why assume the Kryptonians can terraform anything when the film shows us evidence to the contrary?

Many detractors will propose Mars as a candidate without thinking through what they’re assuming. They clearly intuit that Mars is a better candidate than Jupiter or Pluto because they understand that technology has limitations. It isn’t magic that simply does whatever you wish it to. If Mars is a better candidate than Jupiter or Pluto based on the limitations of technology, why assume that Mars is even a candidate within the limits of an unknown alien technology? To the contrary, the film shows terraforming technology to be quite limited: read more

Man of Steel Myths: Kryptonians Aren’t Solar Batteries (How The Kryptonian Atmospheric Weakness Works)

Jor-El and Jax-Ur both explicitly link Kal-El’s strength to radiation. Jor-El uses the metaphor of drinking to describe the absorption and storage of solar radiation (first in speaking with Lara and then again to Kal-El). One isn’t hydrated only while drinking, but also while relying on one’s stores. However, a better metaphor- which accounts for the Kryptonian Atmospheric weakness- would be a device, like a laptop, with a removable rechargeable battery which can also be plugged-in.

The device can draw from either a charged battery or the plug. read more

Man of Steel Myths: Kryptonian Armor Gives Super Strength

In order to understand Kryptonian powers and weaknesses, we determine whether the powers demonstrated in the Battle of Smallville were the product of Kryptonian armor. Contrasting the strength demonstrated in Smallville against the strength of Kryptonians on the Black Zero or back on Krypton, it is evident that the armor does not give super strength.

If Kryptonian armor provided super strength, Jor-El and Zod might have decapitated each other with their strikes to the head, mere doors would not block the guards attempting to stop Lois, and Lois would not have been able to kick Car-Vex off to escape. The Kryptonians on the Black Zero aren’t powered at all. They are downed by Lois firing small-arms fire and Jax-Ur explicitly tells Kal-El his strength is neutralized aboard the ship. read more

Man of Steel Myths: Earth’s Atmosphere Powers Kryptonians

Jor-El explicitly links strength and senses to radiation, but because he mentions weaker gravity and Earth’s nourishing atmosphere [FN1], there is the misconception that Superman is powered by weaker gravity or Earth’s atmosphere. This is clearly not the case.

Superman’s powers are not dependent on gravity. Superman’s exhibits his powers under the weaker gravity of space and under the stronger gravity of the World Engine’s beam. Superman’s powers are not dependent on Earth’s atmosphere. He exhibits powers in a noxious oil rig fire with atmospherics low on oxygen. His powers allow him to survive an entire dream sequence underwater in the frigid ocean. He demonstrates, flight, strength, and durability in his multiple trips to the vacuum of space. Superman is not holding his breath. His mouth is open before he rescues Lois from the damaged escape pod. He and Zod vocalize during the satellite fight and on their return back to Earth. Even Jax-Ur explicitly ties Kal-El’s strength to radiation.

So why the confusion? read more

15 – You Are My Son – Understanding Jonathan

coverblackIn this episode, we do a little music-appreciation of Clark’s theme and break down the reveal of the starship. We explore Jonathan’s background and his parenting.  Finally we look at a deleted scene shared by Costner.

Featuring clips with Hans Zimmer, Dylan Sprayberry, Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.

We touch on the following questions:

  • What does Clark’s theme say about the Kents?
  • How does Zimmer relate to Superman?
  • How could the Kents have hidden the ship?
  • Why didn’t the government come and take the ship?
  • What kind of access to information did Jonathan have?
  • Why is Jonathan skeptical of the government?
  • Why does Jonathan think the world will fear extraterrestrials?
  • Why did Jonathan tell people to go for the overpass?
  • What is the significance of Kansas State?
  • What cues does Man of Steel take from Superman Earth One?
  • What would Jor-El think of Jonathan?
  • How did Jonathan deal with Clark’s emotions?
  • What kinds of values could Jonathan teach Clark as a farmer?
  • Why did they cut Jonathan fishing with Clark?

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Man of Steel Myths:

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Excerpt from “Building a Bigger Action Hero” [Men’s Journal]

The munchies would have been impossible to appease on the set of last summer’s Superman – Twight banned junk food and soft drinks from the set, as he continued to sculpt the new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill. The trainer has nothing but praise for Cavill, who had to keep up his physique for a grueling 127-day shoot. “It’s not like you’re peaking a guy for three days for his shirtless scene,” Twight says. “You’re living with this guy for a year.”

For the six months prior to the shoot, Cavill worked out and ate according to Twight’s plan. The film’s producers actually contacted Twight and his wife, Lisa, a trainer, to make sure they weren’t giving Cavill anything illegal. With tarnished heroes like A-Rod and Lance Armstrong, it was important to establish that our most American superhero wasn’t a juicer.

“Someone in production had me more than pinky swear,” says Lisa, leaning on a stationary bike. “They told me that they’d be drug-testing Henry.”

Did they?

“They never tested him,” says Twight, “but I gave them a list of every supplement, with contact numbers.”

Twight says there is a secret to Cavill’s transformation. “Yeah, there’s a 90-day miracle, but you’re not gonna fucking like it,” he says, laughing. “It’s hard work. It’s commitment. Self-discipline. Persistence. And mindful attention to all this stuff. Then you can become whatever you want.”

Men’s Journal Magazine – May 2014 – “Building A Bigger Action Hero”

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Man of Steel Myths: Clark Should Have Used Super Speed

The film elegantly establishes Clark can’t fly by showing him climb. Here’s a myriad of examples the film used to help the audience understand Clark’s powers and limitations in the same logical fashion. Nonetheless, many claim Clark should have used powers that were never displayed, should have demonstrated total awareness that was never presented, or should have employed experience that he plainly didn’t have.
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