23 – Arctic Adventure – Lois & Perry

coverblackContinuing our commentary from Clark seeing Jor-El’s hologram and the hibernation pods until Lois leaks the story to Woodburn.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • How does the Ship make Clark feel mortal?
  • What are the risks of saving Lois Lane?
  • What does the Sentry have to do with Kryptonian armor?
  • Can you save someone you have endangered?
  • How does Clark know how to diagnose and treat Lois?
  • Is the cauterization of internal bleeding a thing?
  • Logistics of dropping Lois off and who is flying the Ship?
  • How many Jor-El AIs were active at any one time?
  • Why haven’t the military tracked down the Scout Ship?
  • What is Lois and Perry’s interaction shorthand?
  • What DC character was Woodburn supposed to be?
  • Why did Lois leak the story?

…and more!

Ultrasonic Tourniquet – Acoustic Cauterization
What’s The Loudest Possible Sound? | PBS Digital
Man of Steel Props
American Icons: Superman | Studio 360

The views expressed by Carl Bernstein (particularly in reference to his 1992 article, “The Idiot Culture” and 2007 interview revisiting the topic) and others in this episode do not necessarily represent the views of the show or represent an endorsement by the show or its author. Simon Pegg has recently expressed somewhat similar ideas about science fiction and popular culture as once engaging the issues of the day instead of being purely escapist entertainment. Worth discussing another time.

This May 25th… please remember.

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Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 3

If all goes well, I should have time to record an episode this week. I was obligated to accompany others to three different movies over the weekend and just about had my fill of film for now and wish I had more time to read (for pleasure rather than work).  I’m having a little trouble justifying working on the site lately since any polish or production really should go towards a client’s matter. Not for any mandated reason.  It’s just my own personal professional standard of quality I give my clients.

While I’d love for every answer I go over to be represented as a short FAQ answer, longer exhaustive and analytical essay, audio podcast, and video presentation… there’s no way I can do that all in the time that I have.  The podcast is the main outlet, but with the other mediums and formats as opportunity allows.

Anyways, in lieu of a post which addresses any specific questions or concerns, here’s some assorted materials, linked in a bit of a stream-of-consciousness, which could be applicable to analysis of Man of Steel and the DCCU.

  • Mansa Musa, one of the wealthiest people who ever lived
  • What’s the Loudest Possible Sound?
  • The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons
  • The lost art of democratic debate
  • What makes a hero?
  • Why is Beer for Boys?
  • DP/30: Interstellar, Hans Zimmer
  • 1, 2, 3, 4…
  • Citizenfour
  • Superman and Philosophy: What would the Man of Steel Do?

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Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 2

No time for a podcast this week but here’s some assorted materials, linked in a bit of a stream-of-consciousness, which could be applicable to analysis of Man of Steel and the DCCU.

  • The Fermi Paradox and Drake Equation via Kurz Gesagt and PBS Space Time
  • On Classical Heroes – The Power of Failure via Extra Credits
  • Study Finds People Stop Listening to New Music at Age 33 via NewsBreaker
  • “…why I didn’t understand the dark suit complaint… against Man of Steel.”
  • The Death of Superman at Mid Ohio Con 1992 ft. Roger Stern
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (Edward Snowden interview) via HBO
  • Can the Man of Tomorrow Be the Journalist of Today?
  • Image of Journalists in Popular Culture
  • Journalistic Ethics At the Daily Planet
  • The Severest Ethical Breaches of Superhero Journalists
  • Exposed: the severe ethical breaches of superhero journalists
  • Peter Parker and Clark Kent: Very Unethical Journalists

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22 – Mailbag – DCCU Direction – Suicide Squad Cast Photo – Wonder Woman Director

coverblackAnswering mailbag questions largely defending the DCCU and first reactions to the Suicide Squad cast photo.

This episode was recorded in two segments, the first just hours after watching Avengers: The Age of Ultron then as that was about to be published, David Ayer released our first look at the cast of Suicide Squad in costume, driving Doc to skip sleep, sanity, and stability to serve some speedy reactions in a subsequent second session.

Some of the topics in this episode:

  • Reaction to THR article: Does the DCCU need direction from a producer mastermind now?
  • Reaction to: What if Man of Steel was in color?
  • Will Superman ever become a boyscout?
  • How does Superman’s characterization compare to Captain America’s?
  • Reaction to: Joss Whedon, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Henry Cavill on Batman v. Superman
  • Batman as a State agent
  • Casting Director talks Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman
  • Reaction to: Joker’s picture, Batman in Suicide Squad, and Viola Davis
  • First impressions regarding the Suicide Squad cast photo
  • An alternative narrative for MacLaren’s departure from Wonder Woman

…and (some) more!

May The Fourth Be With You!

Study: Music taste-freeze at age 33
“Multiple Screenwriter Syndrome” is a 20-years-old paradigm, not a novel crisis
Casting directors: How movies like ‘Batman v Superman’ came together
Sweet Sorrow: Coke won the cola wars because great taste takes more than a single sip
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
“Our Youngest Line of Defence” by Sir Bernard Partridge, from Punch (1909). Here, used without irony, showing how it has been adopted by the Scouts. Not relevant at all, but I participated in Boy Scouts as a kid.

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Kryptonian Armor Doesn’t Grant Super-Strength – How Kryptonian Powers Work – Take Two

CD3it1rWoAAEivVWith more images of Batman’s armor, the question has been raised as to how it might be able to contend with Superman and the idea that it grants Batman increased strength is a reasonable theory. The idea of armor or exo-skeletal strength enhancement is prevalent in real-world R&D and extensible from Kryptonian technology (but perhaps not in the way many assume).

There are many justifications on how Batman might, under contrived circumstances, stand a chance against Superman and increasing Batman’s strength is just part of it. However, this has re-raised the question as to whether Kryptonians in the Battle of Smallville had armor which granted them the abilities seen then. I don’t think so.

The topic has been raised before and it took me a while to crystallize my own thinking about what was actually happening, so my previous efforts tended to be more rebuttals of other theories than affirmative statement of what I think the final theory on powers actually is, but let me take one more crack at it. I’ll start with a quick rebuttal, a short statement of the rules, then a justification and support for what those rules are.

I respectfully request that you clear your mind of preconceptions and assumptions and try to operate under the theories to be set forth. read more