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Have an episode on Superman’s characterization ready to record, but didn’t have time to this weekend (we got to see Hamilton).

While I’m eagerly anticipating Suicide Squad, I’m not intending to do marketing material breakdowns like with Batman v. Superman.  I’ve got my hands full already with BvS for now.  I’ll probably do at least one related episode before it comes out though.

Anyways, in the meantime, here’s some RRSSS:

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Lex Luthor Explained

Lex Luthor leaves many confused.  What follows is an explanation of Lex’s motives and machinations, then exploded and examined with in-story support.  Inspired by episode 42 of MOSAIC.

We’ll largely stick to in-story sources, although everything discussed is supported by second-tier continuity like the Forbes feature, Wired interview, World of Batman v. Superman promotional comics, TimeOut travel guides, etc.  For example, it’s fun trivia that Clark and Lex share the middle-name Joseph, but not vital for any deduction or conclusion.

First we’ll outline everything in the affirmative, Lex’s motive, machinations, and moves:


  • Expose “power can be innocent” as a lie.

That’s it.  Everything essentially comes from this multi-layered motive.  Lex means to enact this motive through several big-picture plans.


  • Demonize Superman
  • Manipulate Batman to Beat Superman
  • Gain Exclusive Entrance to Ship
  • Develop Doomsday

The first plan is the main plan.  The second plan arises after it is clear Senator Finch won’t publicly legitimize his position.  The third plan ties everything together and creates the fourth plan.  The first three big-picture plans encompass the Lex’s moves until he learns from the ship, when he calls the fourth as an audible.  The final plan covers his moves in the second half of the film.


  • Preparation & Planning
  • Africa
  • Import License
  • Fundraiser
  • Bombing
  • Entering Ship
  • Develop Doomsday
  • Distract Superman

These big events encompass the main moves Lex makes in order to accomplish his machinations for his motive.  Let’s break it down as a sequence of events expressed in the affirmative for Lex. read more

42 – Understanding Lex Luthor

coverblackLex wasn’t just manic and unhinged, but a calculating criminal mastermind.  Understanding and walking through Lex’s motives and machinations.

But first, two critical approaches: fault-finding vs. seeking. Superman’s status quo in-story and Superman cinematic strategy.  Then was BvS joyless?  A quick joke list.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Michelangelo’s Pietà – critical approach
  • Tuna fish, sashimi, tuna melt, nigiri, California roll – expectations and taste
  • Superman is honored and loved before BvS – status quo
  • How does BvS position Superman for JL?
  • What Lex knew and when
  • How Lex knows their secret identities
  • How metahumans change Lex’s plan
  • Why Lex doesn’t just kill Superman
  • What was Lex trying to accomplish in Africa
  • Why Lex isn’t worried about being traced
  • Why the evidence was suppressed
  • Superman didn’t kill the General rescuing Lois
  • Why ask for an import license if smuggling it
  • How Senator Finch pushes Lex’s buttons
  • How Bruce is “blind as a bat” in the light
  • Lex intended for Bruce to steal the files
  • Why Lex has a meltdown during his speech
  • How Lex fools Finch, Bruce, Mercy, Keefe, & Clark
  • Why Batman and Superman weren’t in Lex’s files
  • Why Bruce doesn’t suspect conspiracy with Keefe
  • Why it takes Lois to trace Keefe to Lex
  • Why Lex bombing the Senate hearing is brilliant
  • Why Lex didn’t enter the Ship after the fingerprints
  • Why Lex did enter the Scout Ship after the bombing
  • How Lex transcends into a supervillain
  • Why they didn’t let Superman speak
  • How the Scout Ship changes Lex’s priorities and plan
  • Why Batman is Lex’s Dark Knight
  • Why Lex unleashes Doomsday
  • What was the plan before Doomsday?

…and more.

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