46 – Monument

coverblackSegments originally recorded March 29th, April 30th, and July 19th.  Heroes Park monument, memorial, and the Superman statue.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Motif of monuments, memorials, and memory throughout the film
  • The Superman statue as political expedience
  • A scar on the city
  • National September 11 Memorial parallels
  • Remember the city as it was, incorporating the city
  • Impact of Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Maya Lin’s design, intention, and overcoming criticism
  • The certainty of youth
  • Chronological listing of names
  • Names as a meaningful abstraction
  • Symbols of the Wall
  • Criticism over abstraction and ambiguity
  • Critics can turn anything into a controversy
  • Critics upset over the unexpected and unconventional
  • Public grieving changed by Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Accessibility of art beyond the directly connected and invested
  • Interpretation and understanding increasing appreciation of art
  • Benefits of wonder and awe
  • The pose, humility, and abstraction of the statue
  • Do heroes have to be known or perfect to get a monument?
  • Wallace Keefe’s objections to the statue
  • Monuments versus the fluidity of history
  • Keefe’s arrest as the central statement
  • Superman’s feelings about the statue, being put on a pedestal

…and much more!

Sorry, I don’t have access to Doc’s notes.  He’ll update the show notes with links after Suicide Squad.

Time Out Shortlist Metropolis & Gotham | Dan Wallace (editor)
Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film | Peter Aperlo
Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1982 | Smarthistory
American Icons: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial | Studio 360
Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial | Rear Window
Hidden Brain: Great Vacations and Awe | NPR
Heroes are good – let’s make statues of them | Nikolas Lloyd
ISIS destroys ancient artifacts in Mosul | CBS
A History of Controversial Monuments | Eveline van Rijswijk

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45 – Ultimate Edition

coverblackRecorded July 9th, less than 12 hours after viewing.  First impressions to the Ultimate Edition of Batman v. Superman (via VUDU) after one continuous play through, skimming some extras, and going back to pause at select points.

Apologies in advance for the rambling sure to come!  Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Overall Impressions
  • Subtlety and symbolism of drinks as delusion
  • Repetition, parallels, references, homage, call-backs, continuity
  • Jimmy Olsen’s death and Clark Kent’s return
  • Approaching BvS with mass resurrection in mind
  • New rules for reality
  • Justice League set visit excitement
  • Recruitment reflecting negotiating with audience
  • Realism reinvigorating comics in every era
  • Heavy Metal magazine influence
  • Smoother transitions
  • Function of flamethrower in Nairomi
  • New line says Lex Senior was a liar
  • Perry White’s tragic story arcs
  • Colorado flood rescue dilemma
  • Superman’s public powers and limitations
  • Lex’s kinship with Doomsday
  • Knowing lets you go dark for the coming light

…and much more ramblings!

Secret Origin clip features Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne McDuffie, Paul Levitz, Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, Denny O’Neil, Mark Waid, and Neil Gaiman.

7/22/16 Update: I figured out the logic of planning for the flamethrower.  Not for the locals, the CIA, the press, for witnesses, or eliminating evidence.  The burnt bodies gave Kahina the cover-story to excuse your lie in the eyes of Lois and Clark.  Yes, Lex could have had Kahina lie about fire even if Anatoli didn’t burn bodies but then Lois and Clark would be on to Kahina immediately.  They’d know she was lying.  L&C might not be able to prove it, but it would get them investigating rather than doubting themselves.  Lex ordered Anatoli to burn bodies because while L&C know Superman didn’t use heat-vision, they could still believe that Kahina would come to that conclusion and testify about it.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (4K Ultra HD) | Director: Zack Snyder
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