21 – IMAX Event – Never-Ending Anyway

Abridged coverblackIMAX Event reaction, commentary on the context of the teaser’s reception, comparison with The Force Awakens, nostalgia triggered by Convergence / Star Wars / The Never-Ending Battle, Roger Stern’s use of the Paradoxical Commandments in Superman: The Never-Ending Battle, a breakdown of the four seconds of IMAX exclusive footage.

This is the first time I recorded an entire episode’s worth of material which I didn’t use.  We recorded our immediate reactions to the IMAX event on the car ride home, but the audio quality and content wasn’t great upon review, so I threw this episode together the next day.  It’s a little better than nothing I guess! 😛

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Why Superman and Batman are awesome together
  • Why we shouldn’t take this encounter for granted
  • Seven reasons to enjoy the Teaser
  • How many seconds Superman and Batman each get
  • Relaxing on certainty with predictions based on the teaser
  • The teaser isn’t as warm as TFA and that’s OK
  • Superman updates but Dick Tracy and Mickey Mouse don’t
  • Paradoxical Commandments / Anyways / Never-Ending
  • Return of the s-curl or spit-curl?
  • How can Batman clip Superman’s wings?
  • Is Batman a berserker or a surgeon?
  • What does the clip tell us about the fight?
  • Insights into Kryptonite

…and more.

The Paradoxical Commandments
Nerdist presents Ben Folds Five “Do It Anyway” f. Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock
GraphicAudio presents Superman: The Never-Ending Battle
“Superman: The Never-Ending Battle” by Roger Stern (hardcover)

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  1. I should have figured this, but I was surprised when the official WB version of the teaser trailer came out and it looked SO MUCH BETTER than the leak! 🙂

    The leak was blurry on the Bruce Wayne shot and didn’t do the audio justice so be glad that wasn’t your first look. It seems like others had the same reaction, too, because reactions got BETTER after the official release dropped.

    I also left the IMAX screening wondering why Superman was RUNNING like a human man. Thanks for your thoughts on that.

  2. Great podcast as always, Doc. I went nuts when the lasts five seconds of the teaser played in the theatre. Pretty much everyone did. Have you seen “What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR?”? Thoughts? The reaction was very mixed. Some liked the saturated one and others hated it. I personally hated it. They also darkened the original.

  3. The sensory overload experienced by Zod seemed to be especially disorienting, as did the atmosphere around the World Engine. Something along those lines would disorient Superman and fit within his current toolkit, but as far as bringing Superman down to Batman’s level, there might be a reason why the teaser showed Batman and Superman inside. He might be able to recreate something that blocks at least some of Superman’s access to solar energy.

  4. Excellent work as always

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