25 – DCCU Speculation, Creators, & Business

coverblackSpeculation on the Batman v. Superman synopsis, the creators / movie makers / movers and shakers behind the DC Cinematic Universe, and a primer on licensing.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • BvS Synopsis
  • Aquaman Synopsis
  • Suicide Squad Set Photos
  • Batmobile
  • Warner Bros Executive Structure
  • Greg Silverman THR Interview
  • Patty Jenkins, James Wan, David Ayer, etc.
  • Licensing Basics
  • Warner Bros Track Record
  • THR Executive Roundtable Excerpts

…and more!

What Does America Stand For? | Time
Batmobile Weapons & Details | Collider
Batmobile Pictures | Collider
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Costumes | Collider
Greg Silverman Interview | The Hollywood Reporter
James Wan on how Furious 7 is like Snow White | Vulture
What is Licensing? | Licensing Expo
How Do We Measure An Audience? | Filmmaker IQ
Film Studio Heads: Executive Roundtable | The Hollywood Reporter

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. @DrAwkward, great podcast. Please don’t give up on looking at the business aspect and the licensing aspect of the film in the future.

  2. Managed to catch up on your episodes and website it’s just that I was busy studying and writing exams, but now I am done. I managed to come up with an interesting question. Some critics has claimed that Superman didn’t care about saving people and that he let too many people die during the climax. I am too sure why but I think the problem with this claim is that people expected Superman could be a flawless hero and he always has his way, but since MoS is in the real world there is no way that Superman could be everywhere at once. Zack Snyder said that about 5000 people died, so is the death toll that much and does it really damage his image as critics are trying to claim? I would like to see what think of this.

    Another question is that should Superman has gone to Metropolis and save people instead of going to the World Engine in the Indian Ocean?

    And lastly, do you think is it okay if can do a myth video called ‘Superman should not have killed Zod’ because critics has been claiming that Superman should have find another way to stop Zod instead of killing.

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