56 – Espionage

coverblackRecorded September 16th. “I’m a spy.”  Examining espionage and intelligence topics in these films for insights into raising Clark undercover.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • I. Wonder Woman (3:36 – 22min)
    • Strategy, Operations, Tactics
    • Scout and Spy Differences
    • Psychopathic Spies
    • Pragmatism vs. Idealism
    • Adapting and Flexibility
    • Alleyway Ambush
    • Etta’s Mission & Cold War
  • II. Batman v. Superman (25:55 – 26min)
    • Weaponize Intelligence Tools
    • Invisibility Corrupts
    • CIA prohibitions on cover identities
    • Drones
    • Government Track Record with Lois
  • III. Suicide Squad (52:45 – 9min)
    • Black Sites
    • MICE
  • IV. Man of Steel (1:01:01 – 32min)
    • Doing Something
    • Deliberate Wise Inaction
    • DADA / OODA Loop
    • Inaction Demonstrating Trust
    • Ring of Gyges
    • Incorruptible Undercover
    • Overview Effect
  • V. Footnotes (1:33:36 – 23min)
    • Watchmen
    • Melian Dialogue by Thucydides
    • Church Steeple Trenchline
    • Agent Talon Tries To Bait Amajagh
    • G-LOC
    • Lois Shows Trust
    • Meaning over Happiness

To learn more (Abridged, will update):
SpyCast | International Spy Museum
Way of the Knife | Mark Mazzetti
Sudden Justice | Chris Woods
The Ostrich Effect | Hidden Brain
The Science of Invisibility | Part Time Genius

End notes recorded September 30th
Thucydides: Melian Dialogue | Rugged Pyrrhus
Secret Agent Man | Johnny Rivers cover

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  1. I’ve got court tomorrow morning, so it’s a little crazy to rush this out, but if I didn’t do it now it would be weeks until I could get to it again. I didn’t have time to review the final cut so your understanding is appreciated. I’ve rearranged the pieces of this episode so many times, it might not make sense or miss major sections. This should be the last survey episode for the foreseeable future even if there are dozens of other topics I could have covered (languages, mythology, rebellion, romance, etc). We’ll see. I HAVE to sleep!

  2. Your efforts are appreciated as always Dr!

  3. Doc we’re always appreciated, so awesome to get another one probably the last prior to JL…but I hope not!

    • Thanks for listening. No chance of another survey episode before JL, unless it’s Frankensteined out of cut recordings and I wouldn’t do that. I think there’s a good chance of a faster information reaction-type episode (like the last trailer drop) if my free time aligns with something to react too.

  4. Something that really came through this episode was just how well planned these movies can be. Nairomi has so much subtlety, it’s a scene really worth paying attention to.

    It’s also impressive that WW didn’t go for the easy jab at the WW1 generals where they’re callous monsters, the reason they don’t go with her mission is that they want the armistice to end the war, and they’re not overeager to start another huge offensive over the alleged superweapon.

    Thanks for all your work, every update is a pleasure to listen to.

    • Thank you for listening and the encouragement! I agree, there’s a lot of stuff in there if you dig deep so it’s hard to get it all and once, but very rewarding when you do. Hopefully, JL’s obvious / visceral level is more engaging for typical audience goers while there’s still a layer of subtle depth to consider… and it might take time to get there. Star Wars, for example, was considered very light entertainment for most of it’s history, but in recent decades it’s been looked at more philosophically and artistically and been a source of insight for new generations.

  5. The last JL trailer is beyond amazing! They showed Superman without showing Superman, that was genius!

    It was also great to hear Zimmer’s score again, now there’s nothing more I can ask. November can’t arrive soon enough.

  6. Something that touched me deeply in this episode is the acknowledgement of Clark’s upbringing and how his entire history of growing-up is literally a lesson in espionage. I agree wholeheartedly that Clark choosing not-to-do is exactly an ACT of greatness, of heroism. By showing him in clear contrast with the backstory of Bruce and Diana, this episode makes me appreciate the movie MOS a whole lot more. Thank you Dr for showing us these delicate connectivity between these movies. I have grown to love them deeply as I listen to your show.

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Eagerly waiting on your comments following the Justice League movie!!!

    • MoS is the type of deep story of a humble person I try to identify with. The movie is dripping with love on every frame and every note and sound.

    • Thank you for listening and the encouragement. I’m glad you’ve come to appreciate them more, that’s always my hope and intention. I’m really looking forwards to Clark reaping the rewards of his good character and restraint. It’s been a long hard road for him and for some fans and hopefully, Justice League will show a broader audience why it’s worth it!

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