8 – Zack Loves Superman – Answering Superman Fan Fears For BvS

coverblackIn this episode, we listen to Zack Snyder talk about Superman, his approach to Man of Steel, and whether he is adapting Superman from The Dark Knight Returns.  Then I finally get to some mailbag questions!

  • Some Superman fans are afraid that Superman is going to be disrespected by Batman at Snyder’s hand in the upcoming Batman v. Superman.
  • Some believe that the realistic tone of Man of Steel shows favoritism towards Batman.
  • Some fear that Snyder prefers Batman over Superman and that alleged bias means building up Batman at Superman’s expense.
  • Some fear Snyder is trying to adapt The Dark Knight Returns into BvS and shoehorn its Superman into the DC Cinematic Universe.
  • There are concerns that BvS will be a Batman-centric film and that Superman will be short-changed his development before Justice League.

While combing through hours of interviews for Man of Steel Answers Insight Commentary (MOSAIC), I’ve quickly put together some of Snyder’s comments which would tend to dispel or address those fears.

BvS is not a DKR adaptation. It’s a film that will develop Superman to the point that we can get to a Justice League. After carefully cultivating a realistic tone for us to relate to Superman, Snyder isn’t going to betray that for Batman. Snyder holds Superman in too high regard for that.

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • Does Batman getting top billing in the title matter?
  • What about the Kryptonite rumors?
  • Can DC catch up with Marvel?
  • What about Lex Luthor on the Suicide Squad?
  • Set photos of a Batman landmark event?

Batman v. Superman Will Honor Superman – Zack Loves Superman – Answering Superman Fan Fears For BvS
A Thesis On Man Of Steel

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  1. GodzillaSupermanFan

    This is a great podcast. You’ve addressed a lot of my worries. However, I still have some concerns, which I’ve addressed in my question below. Perhaps you can answer this question in your next podcast.
    The Question is:
    Do you think that WB/DC will “mandate” that Batman beats Superman in the fight (similar to how Sony mandated to Sam Raimi that Venom be in Spider-Man 3)? Furthermore, do you think WB/DC will “mandate” that Batman gets more screen-time than Superman?

    • I’ve received several variations of feedback like this concerned about WB interference so I actually drafted a blog response that I just posted!

      I’ll try to cover it in a podcast soon too, thanks!

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