9 – Secret Identity – Kept By MOS But Hard To Keep Onwards

coverblackIn this episode, we’re looking at the secret identity. What’s being protected, how it was maintained in Man of Steel, and if it can be preserved going forwards.  We address all the questions below and hear what David Goyer has to say about the secret identity’s future.

  • Why would the government not pursue the identity?
  • Did Lois confirm that she knows Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois’s first article compromise Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois’s second article blow Superman’s identity?
  • Did Lois reveal the identity by yelling Clark at his farm?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by giving up his ship?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by giving his age?
  • Did surrendering give away his identity?
  • Did Superman expose his identity by saying he’s from Kansas?
  • Did The Battle of Smallville give away Superman’s identity?
  • Did the kiss give away Superman’s identity?
  • Does Perry know?
  • Does Suicide Squad change things?
  • What technologies can help keep the identity?
  • How can the government, The Daily Planet, or Lex Luthor help keep the identity?
  • Can the trope survive modern reality?

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • “Did Zod realize he’d lose his powers by making Earth like Krypton? If he didn’t how would he rule all those people with powers?”
  • “Why did it have to be Earth? Why couldn’t Zod have terraformed Mars or another planet?”
  • The possibility that Superman’s invulnerability can be controlled by his will, so if he wants to shave, he simply lowers his force-field to become like a normal human being.
  • Did Warner Brothers mandate Snyder include Batman? Will Snyder be required to have Batman beat Superman and give Batman more screen-time?

We won’t have a typical show this holiday but might do a mailbag if you send in your questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I agree with most of you exposition but one bit. If the filmmakers want to keep the secret identity there is one scene they’d need to clarify further. It is when Lois returned to the Kent’s farm to tell Clark how to stop the kryptonians. She arrives in a police car and shouts Clark midway to meet Superman (Clark in the suit) as he stands with his mother.
    If I was any of those cops, I’d remember what happened. I don’t know if the FBI might want to investigate but if questioned (being one of those cops) I’d recall Miss Lane shouted “Clark” and that we (cops) drove her to Kent’s farm.
    It’s just my opinion and I don’t expect a clarification since I’m OK with the movie’s take on MOS


    • No podcast this weekend because I was working to learn a new video editing suite and try to produce a few new videos. I’m running into copyright issues, but hopefully my fair use should be recognized.

      Depending on how quickly the copyright issues are resolved (basically, whether I need to do additional editing), I may have time to do a podcast this week… but since I haven’t had time to do preparation for a themed episode, I’ll probably do a grab bag and address your comments then.

      I have a series of court cases coming up, too, so regular production might be slowed down a bit, but just letting you know I’ve got your feedback, thanks!

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