Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions about Man of Steel and the DC Cinematic Universe. Until I have the time to do a landing page, it links to all entries tagged: FAQ.


Questions looking for clarity or which attempt to highlight an inconsistency in Man of Steel within the world and logic of the story.  Eventually to be organized either By Scene or By Topic.  Both the questions and the answers will attempt to approach the issue from within the world itself. This approach is also sometimes called Watsonian, after the character Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes lore, where the work of fiction is interpreted from the standpoint of the material itself or in an in-universe perspective.  Until I have a landing page, check out the Podcast for Answers taking this approach.


Whether something can be addressed within the story or not, questions may arise why the creative decision was made.  Providing justifications and explanations for what the filmmakers are attempting to achieve with their choices.  When so much of filmmaking is deliberate, it can be instructive to see what was intended and appreciate the result. This approach is sometimes called Doylist, after the Sherlock Holmes author Sir Conan Doyle, where the work of fiction is interpreted from outside the material or from a real-world perspective (as in our actual world, not a “realistic” or “as if the world were real” perspective).


For questions and answers not necessarily directed at Man of Steel or the DC Cinematic Universe, but instead at the larger concept of Superman and perhaps superhero comics in general.  Until I have a landing page for this, it links to all entries tagged: Answer.

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