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Kryptonian Technology on Earth

Remnants of Kryptonian Technology still on Earth as covered in MOSAIC Episode 1.

  1. Lois’s Escape Pod
  2. Kryptonian Signals or Code
  3. Environmental Impact / Terraformed Earth
  4. Zod’s Body
  5. Scout Ship
  6. Zod’s Arctic Shuttle /Dropship
  7. Zod’s Armor

While these topics, the following questions are addressed:

  • Who is Car-Vex?
  • How did Lois fall away from the Phantom Zone singularity?
  • Could we see the return of Jor-El’s AI?
  • Why don’t Kryptonians have hovering jet packs?
  • Did the Kryptonians know they weren’t alone in the universe?
  • A new DCCU origin for The Flash?
  • Is Kryptonian armor powered? How durable is it?

A remnant not covered is the World Engine fragments. An extensive look at the Kryptonian technology on Krypton can be found in Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman.

Why can’t they terraform Mars with the World Engine?
Why doesn’t the Phantom Drive solve the resource crisis?
Does Krypton have ansible technology?
How does the Codex work?
How were the Scout Ships intended to work?
How is contemporary Kryptonian technology compatible with the 18,000 year old Scout Ship?


Different attitudes Superman might have towards the remnants of Kryptonian technology on Earth, how Batman may perceive Superman, and why Superman can have an optimistic attitude following Man of Steel as covered in MOSAIC Episode 2.

  1. What impact the World Engine scrap might have?
  2. We talked about the open pod and its possible ties to Wonder Woman.
  3. We discussed two ways Superman might tackle Kryptonian technology and how giving humanity access might cause him to come into conflict with Batman.
  4. What Batman’s logical attitude towards Superman could be?
  5. How Batman could have an illogical attitude towards Superman could be justified.
  6. How Man of Steel lays the groundwork for an optimistic Superman.
  7. And my preferences on the approach to the Superman Batman conflict and partnership.

While these topics, the following questions are addressed:

  • What’s the deal with the open pod and who was the survivor?
  • Can Superman breath in space?
  • Where should the Fortress of Solitude be?
  • Why would Superman support the proliferation of Kryptonian technology?


The abilities, traits, and powers that set Superman part in the Man of Steel is covered we covered in MOSAIC Episode 3, Episode 4, & Episode 5:

Episode 3 topics:

  1. Natural Born Kryptonian
  2. Kryptonian Codex
  3. Respiratory Adaptation.
  4. Genetic Memory
  5. Super Hearing
  6. X-Ray Vision

While these topics, the following questions are addressed:

  • What kind of baggage did Jor-El have preventing him from coming to Earth?
  • How could Jax-Ur discover the Codex was bonded to Kal-El from a blood sample but be unable to recover the Codex from the sample?
  • How could the Codex be bonded to Kal-El?  Why did the film show us blood cells?  How could that work?
  • Is there evidence Superman can use his powers without breathing?
  • As a child, who was Clark imitating by wearing a cape?
  • If Superman has super hearing, how does he get surprised?
  • What is the maximum range of super hearing?  What does auditory omniscience mean?
  • Can Superman use his X-Ray Vision to uncover Batman’s secret identity in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Episode 4 topics:

  1. Heat Vision
  2. Super Strength
  3. Holding Breath
  4. Invulnerability

While these topics, the following questions are addressed:

  • What’s a use of Heat Vision we saw in Returns which might not come back in the DCCU?
  • Heat vision refractory period?
  • How does Superman shave and why Kryptonians may be particularly susceptible to heat vision.
  • Why didn’t we see more Kryptonians lifting stuff?
  • Does Superman need to breath?
  • When did Clark figure out he was invulnerable?
  • How can Superman avoid getting his neck snapped?

Episode 5 topics:

  1. Speed
  2. Flight
  3. Telescopic Vision
  4. Aging
  5. Telekinesis

While these topics, the following questions are addressed:

  • What distinguishes The Flash’s speed?
  • Why you can’t muscle super speed.
  • How did Superman’s space craft get to NORTHCOM?
  • How far can Superman see?
  • How do Kryptonians age?
  • What makes it likely Superman has TK?

X-Ray Vision analysis did not address the interrogation scene at Northern Command.


Superman’s potential weaknesses in Man of Steel are covered in MOSAIC Episode 6 & Episode 7.

Episode 6

How the atmospheric weakness interacts with Kryptonian powers, the environment, and equipment:

We begin with the basic theory and parse what Jor-El tells us about Kryptonian powers.  We then point out the problems with the basic theory as complicated by the Kryptonian helmets in Smallville.  We then try to reconcile the issue with a few different theories.

While covering our topics, we will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • Why Superman’s strength doesn’t come from Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Why Zod wore a helmet in Earth’s atmosphere, what he was breathing, and why he didn’t suffer respiratory distress when he lost the helmet.
  • A better analogy for the function of the powers than drinking.
  • The function of Zod’s helmets and why they didn’t wear them during the attempt coup on Krypton.
  • How the Prequel Comic is still a stumbling block.

Episode 7

In this episode, we cover the explicit weaknesses we saw in the film, speculate on ones that could arise from the film or tradition, then discuss how Superman’s character and interest is the main means of creating conflict. Finally we discuss whether Batman actually has to harm Superman for there to be compelling conflict.

While covering our topics, we will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • How does neck trauma work?
  • What powers turn characters into flesh golems?
  • Can Superman taste beer?
  • What is a microbiome?
  • Would sensory overload work on Superman?
  • What is shaving times one hundred?
  • How does inexperience hurt?
  • Why Batman doesn’t need to KO Superman.


MOSAIC Episode 5b

These are my October 15th reactions to the WB Investors Conference Press Release revealing a slate of at least 10 DC Cinematic Universe films slated to 2020. We briefly discuss each film, the larger picture, and why it means great things for Superman.

MOSAIC Episode 8

In this episode, we listen to Zack Snyder talk about Superman, his approach to Man of Steel, and whether he is adapting Superman from The Dark Knight Returns.  Then I finally get to some mailbag questions!

  • Some Superman fans are afraid that Superman is going to be disrespected by Batman at Snyder’s hand in the upcoming Batman v. Superman.
  • Some believe that the realistic tone of Man of Steel shows favoritism towards Batman.
  • Some fear that Snyder prefers Batman over Superman and that alleged bias means building up Batman at Superman’s expense.
  • Some fear Snyder is trying to adapt The Dark Knight Returns into BvS and shoehorn its Superman into the DC Cinematic Universe.
  • There are concerns that BvS will be a Batman-centric film and that Superman will be short-changed his development before Justice League.

While combing through hours of interviews for Man of Steel Answers Insight Commentary (MOSAIC), I’ve quickly put together some of Snyder’s comments which would tend to dispel or address those fears.

BvS is not a DKR adaptation. It’s a film that will develop Superman to the point that we can get to a Justice League. After carefully cultivating a realistic tone for us to relate to Superman, Snyder isn’t going to betray that for Batman. Snyder holds Superman in too high regard for that.

In this episode’s mail bag:

  • Does Batman getting top billing in the title matter?
  • What about the Kryptonite rumors?
  • Can DC catch up with Marvel?
  • What about Lex Luthor on the Suicide Squad?
  • Set photos of a Batman landmark event?

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