Cavill As Animal Ambassador

A short clip of Henry Cavill at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.  Cavill’s website supporting conservation is here.  Henry shared a little on why this is so important to him in the following short clip…

I generally think that an actor’s personal life is somewhat separate from the art that they produce.  Nonetheless, there is something of an added expectation on those who bear the mantel of Superman- even if only on screen- to not contravene those ideals the icon stands for.  Even better if they seem to be trying to live up to the ideal.

Aside from Cavill’s commitment to conservation, he’s also a well-document supporter of the troops… something he shares in common with several of his cast members, including Amy Adams and Ben Affleck.  Cavill’s brothers are in the Royal Marines and Adams’s father was in the military.  Cavill wears the Remembrance Poppy and has visited the troops while Adams has a track record of supporting the troops including recently giving up her First Class seat on a flight to a serviceman.

One of the trickiest things about bringing the nobility of Superman to life is that it is easy for the creators involved to have little personal experience with virtue.  The result is a parody of what it means to try and do good in the world.  Hopefully, the experiences and efforts of the cast will contribute to Superman’s on-going and developing characterization as the DC Cinematic Universe unfolds.

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