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Doc & Family


“Work” (2017) – 0:52
Written by Jared Faber and Peter Rida Michail
Performed by Peter Rida Michail
(Teen Titans Go)

“Teen Titans Theme” (2003/2013) – 2:12
Written and produced Andy Sturmer
Remixed by Mix Master Mike
Performed Puffy Amiyumi
(Teen Titans Go)

“Christmas Lights” (2010) – 2:31
Written and performed by Coldplay

“Love is Christmas” (2011) – 6:33
Written and performed by Sara Bareilles

“It’s a Wonderful Life” (1940) – 9:50
Directed by Frank Capra
James Stewart as George Bailey

“You Will Be Found” (2015/2017) – 10:51
Written by Justin Paul & Benj Pasek
Noah Galvin as Evan
Kristolyn Lloyd as Alana
Will Roland as Jared
Performed by Broadway Cast
(Dear Evan Hansen)

“Burn” (2013) – 14:32
Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Phillipa Soo as Eliza

“My Silver Lining” (2014) – 17:42
Written and performed by First Aid Kit

The holidays can be difficult.  You are not alone.
For help: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
To help: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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  1. Don’t work too hard Doc! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. >See Doc has uploaded an episode
    >Check length.
    >See credits.
    >”Oh, come on! Why do you have to troll us Doc?!”
    >Listen to it anyways

    Aaaaaand that was very cute and heart-warming. Thanks for that man. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, your family and all your loved ones, Doc. Thanks for everything you have given us.

  3. Merry xmas D dawg

  4. Emmanuel Adeloye

    Happy new year, Doc

  5. Happy 2018, Doc. Although I do have a question, a sort of negative feedback: Looking back at your show so far, is there any good reason why you just have to edit soundbites from films so tightly that what would have been a single stream of conversation jumps and skips like it’s hiccuping because you shaved off the pauses in between lines? Lots of people (myself included, heck, I’ll bet even you too) memorize films we love in audio form, playing it again and again in our heads. Why do that to the audio?

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