Happy Mother’s Day

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  1. The picture here reminds me of an easy one you HAVE to do: “Superman NEVER smiles in the whole movie!!”

    I just had a conversation with someone who said, literally, “Man of Steel was AWFUL. How can you make a Superman movie where Superman never smiles. Name ONE scene where Superman is smiling.” It was very easy to prove him wrong, but this is a very pervasive myth.

    When you do it, you should do a minute-by-minute comparison of how much Clark/Superman smiles in Man of Steel compared to Superman the movie. I’ll bet it’s not as lopsided as people think.

    • Already done-ish, that’s the 6th mini-myth at the end of that video.

      The minute-by-minute thing is an interesting idea but I’m trying to avoid- for now- videos that have a heavy subjective component.
      I haven’t done a timed test, but let’s say the gap is 2 minutes.
      It’s difficult to say, “a 2 minute difference is significant… FALSE” because “significance” is in the eye of the beholder
      Now, if you do the research and tell me MOS comes out the winner or the difference is in split seconds, we might have something there….

      • Whoops! It’s been awhile since I watched the mini-myths one.

        When I get a chance, I’ll try to time the difference in the two movies, and let you know what I find out.

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