Happy New Year!

Dave Bullock’s Action 810 cover – One of the best New Year’s Superman stories

The Black Cat’s A Justice New Year

Not home yet and fear a log jam of work and court dates when I return, but hope to have a new episode out before the end of the month if not sooner. Haven’t had much time to consume much media or catch-up on comics yet either. More when I’m not on mobile!

Some recommendations for podcasts in the meantime:

  • The Suicide Squadcast – A new podcast with 18 episodes and two hosts covering the entire gamut of DC film and television news
  • Imaginary Worlds – A highly-produced podcast (public-radio producer’s pet project) covering genre culture and matters, which just ended a five-part Star Wars series
  • DCEU Weekly – /r/DC_Cinematic founder Aircycle is launching a new YouTube vlog covering the DCEU, check out the pilot



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  1. Thanks for the Squadcast, super excited and it seems most people are really pessimistic about it. Will check it out soon.

    • It’s basically the DC news podcast I’ve been waiting for in terms of coverage, approach, attitude, chemistry, length, and regularity. I’m really glad they came along.

  2. Happy new year to you to Doc. Can’t wait for March to come.

    • Thanks! While I’m really excited, this anticipatory period is also fun in its own way. The marketing has been smart so I know we’re going to get little bits from now until March which might seem overwhelming if we don’t pace ourselves. I mean, hours after publishing the last episode we got a new Suicide Squad photo in a USA Today article with some choice quotes. It’s going to be a fun ride. Right now, just focused on the CW special which I think is going to be really awesome.

  3. I love your podcasts, Dr. Awkward. Happy New Year to you, sir!

    • Thanks for listening and a happy new year to you! We’re so incredibly fortunate. From this year until 2020 (and likely beyond) we’re getting two DC movies a year (if not more) with at least three of those starring Superman and all of them building up a world where he’s one of the top dogs. Imagine what “This looks like a job for Superman!” means after this universe has been built up and filled out!

  4. Did anyone checked out the new TV spot?

    That Invulnerability is in a whole different level that in MoS! His Super-Speed and now this, this is the Comic Book Superman!

    • There are two TV spots. I’ve seen both, I love the line in the 2nd where Bruce Wayne says “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard, son.”

    • According to Collider’s reporting at a WB event, the Batmobile weighs 7000 lbs or 3.5 tons. If someone can estimate the velocity we could figure out what kind of hit that was where Superman didn’t even budge.

      That said, I still think there’s a willpower aspect to it. If you catch him unawares he isn’t hyper-massive and would probably still move.

  5. Hi DrAwk, when’s the next podcast and whats the topic? Awesome work as always.

    • Thanks for listening!
      I might be recording tomorrow, but don’t know when I’ll have time to edit / release the episode. Pretty busy this weekend.
      The topic is a survey of the Empire article and the Dr. Pepper comics… general reactions and analysis under two different lenses (historical philosophies on failure / decision-making rubric).

      Heh, that description will make more sense in the actual episode.

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