How did Clark destroy the truck without being caught?

MOSAIC 17 – Doc, 7/6/15

On January 12, 2012, we received one of our first glimpses of an intriguing visual from the set of Man of Steel.

It was one of the first released materials and likely earlier in production. In the film, the final scene looks like this:

So how does Clark, in the heat of the moment, vent his frustrations on this truck, where the end result is as we see it AND Clark does not get caught in the process? Clark can’t fly yet. He doesn’t have Flash-like super-speed.  No one warned Ludlow (the truck driver) so it apparently happened quickly without anyone hearing…

Well, the answer can be deduced but it was also confirmed by Adrian du Plessis who kindly writes:


Cool question – I can maybe help fill in some details.

Having witnessed the filming of this scene, (super fun!), I’d say you’ve nailed it with:

“…Clark knows that the singer, played by Allison Crowe, has a particularly deafeningly loud part of her act, and coordinates his actions with this aural camouflage.”

I serve as manager to Allison, the Canadian musician performing in Cassidy’s Roadhouse. It’s not seen in the released version of “Man of Steel”, but after Clark’s altercation with Ludlow, the barman Weaver (played by the terrific Howard Siegel) yells out from behind the taps:

“You’re fired, kid!”

This propels Clark into his act of mischief. Exiting the back door of the bar, with Ludlow bouncing an empty can off him… he’s then in the parking area that’s behind the building off the highway.

Allison resumes her musical performance, and, indeed, things gets really rocking. The denizens inside Cassidy’s are raucous, and this provides plenty of cover for Clark to prepare his surprise for Ludlow – who’s enjoying his fill of brewskies before venturing out again to his truck.

Adrian’s answer is consistent with the film’s novelization and elegantly explains Clark’s impulsive action under the cover of a raucous bar celebrating, and is neat peek into a behind-the-scenes moment that was cut from- but not at all inconsistent with- the film.

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