LMU Film School – Producer Charles Roven remarks on BvS

“The Hollywood Masters: Charles Roven”

  • Christopher Nolan is an executive producer with his wife, but involved in an advisory capacity, including the casting of Ben Affleck.
  • Amused by the reaction to Affleck’s casting.
  • Affleck’s casting motivated by having a very mature Batman, juxtaposed against a young Superman, who could carry a sense of experience, with physical stature over Superman.
  • Affleck was their first choice.
  • Snyder reached out to Affleck first, but there was a pre-existing familiarity, particularly since The Dark Knight and The Town were acclaimed at the same time (likewise for Rises and Argo).  There was a studio relationship when Affleck was attached to an earlier version of American Hustle.
  • Affleck signed after understanding Snyder’s vision, which has Wayne as a much more “social animal” and Batman is much more a “rough guy.”
  • “Wonder Woman is in it, we know that.  She has powers.  She’s a goddess.  A half- a demigod- she’s a demigod.  She- her father was Zeus.”
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