Man of Steel Myths: 6 Mini-Myths – Olsen, Away, Space, Hostage, Eyes, & Smiles

Six mini-myths in under 4 minutes!

  1. Jimmy Olsen Was Replaced By Jenny
  2. Superman Never Tried To Take The Fight Away
  3. The Fight Never Left Metropolis
  4. The Hostage Family Died
  5. He Should Have Covered Zod’s Eyes
  6. Superman Never Smiles

The moral of the story?

  1. Even “official” materials can be wrong.[FN1] The Wal-Mart exclusive “Official Movie Guide” (released in conjunction with the film) had a mistaken caption.
  2. Superman tried but, unsurprisingly, failed to impose his will upon two super-powered Kryptonians bred, born, and trained as warriors.
  3. If a tackle takes you 22,000 miles into space… one punch could take them from Tokyo to Manhattan, a grapple from Paris to Sydney… there is no “away” at those speeds.
  4. Granted, the glimpse we get is so short it is easy to miss, but let this be a lesson in interpretation. If nothing indicates that they’re dead, it isn’t necessary to leap to that conclusion!
  5. Superman has already been on the other side of this situation. Faora was attempting to secure Superman with the assistance of Nam-Ek and while both were wearing armor which we’ve seen is incredibly durable. Even this person bred to be a warrior and trained her entire life to prevail in combat, couldn’t maintain her hold over Superman’s eye when he let loose with the heat vision. Moreover, the intensity of Superman’s merely wounding beam could be contrasted against Zod’s torrent of fire which brings down skyscrapers. The grip Superman had on Zod was his one and only substantial advantage in this entire fight and he was doing all he could to maintain it to save that family. Placing his hand in front of that heat vision would have simply produced the exact same result as when Faora tried to cover his eyes. Superman would have recoiled in pain, lost his grip, lost his advantage, and Zod would have gotten free (just as Superman got free of Faora and Nam-Ek) to wreak havoc.
  6. Tongue in cheek, clearly, Superman smiles… I didn’t even use all the times he smiles just so the video would wrap up with the chorus!

[FN1] Note that in the credits, Carrie Farris is perhaps erroneously credited as “Major Carrie Farris” whereas in the film she bears the rank, duties, and insignia of a Captain and, in fact, General Swanwick calls her “Captain”… while a promotion might have happened off-screen between that scene and the credits, it would be a rather odd distinction to put in the credits. So, even the credits of a film can be “wrong” sometimes!

If you’ve got an idea for a myth that my meager editing abilities might be able to tackle let me know for future videos!

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