Man of Steel Myths: Superman Killed Viable Kryptonian Fetuses

This shocking allegation is often repeated despite evidence to the contrary. Five reasons why it’s a myth and why Superman is justified in saying, “Krypton had its chance.” The hope of a new Krypton lives on.

1. The Genesis Chamber was clearly inactive on Earth.
2. Zod had to bring the Genesis Chamber online.
3. Zod didn’t have the Codex to seed the Chamber.
4. The Chamber had been online only mere minutes.
5. Even if the Chamber had held fetuses, they wouldn’t have survived 18,000 years of dormancy.

Zod’s concept of Krypton is narrow, inflexible, rebuts any suggestion he would have pursued alternatives, and justifies Jor-El’s hopes and dreams for Kal-El. Zod’s programmed inflexibility and limited toolbox was exactly what Kal-El’s natural birth avoided. Only Zod’s Krypton required the Genesis Chamber or World Engine. Jor-El’s Krypton of peaceful coexistence, inspiration, and hope remains possible.

If you’ve got an idea for a myth that my meager editing abilities might be able to tackle let me know for future videos!

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  1. How about “Man Of Steel Myths: Superman Could Have Avoided Killing Zod” or “Man Of Steel Myths: Clark Could Have Saved His Dad With Superspeed”.

    • Thanks! Definitely thinking about / working on the latter (the main delay is trying to find the clips I want from other versions of Superman)… I’d love to do the former, but I’m still looking for inspiration for a hook or punch to really drive home the point.

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