Man of Steel Myths: Superman Saves No One

This is the product of a self-taught, weekend crash-course in editing, so please forgive my amateur mistakes at aping the CinemaSins “Everything Wrong With” template and not meant to be taken too seriously.  It’s not terribly funny, either, but I’m no comedian!

What’s a save or an asterisk?  Eh, who knows?  Really, don’t worry about it.

This is the first of at least six short videos touching on Man of Steel myths, misconceptions, hyperbole, rumors, and the like.  Only this one follows the CinemaSins model.  Upcoming myths (copyright issues notwithstanding):

  • Kryptonian armor grants super strength
  • Superman killed viable Kryptonian fetuses
  • Jimmy Olsen was replaced by Jenny
  • Superman knows he contains the Codex
  • The Scout Ship was destroyed by the Singularity

If you’ve got an idea for a myth that my meager editing abilities might be able to tackle let me know for future videos!

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  1. ROTLF. very fun video to watch. I hope your copyright problems are solved and your cases give you enough free time for you to make us proud of Man of Steel. The chine sound for every save is the cherry to the pie. Well done Dr. Awkward

  2. Suggestion for Man Of Steel Myths video. Superman kills civilians in fight scenes.

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