MOSAIC Episode 2 – Tangential Trinity – Kryptonian Wonder Woman, Beef with Batman, Sunny Superman

coverblackIn this episode, we cover:

  1. What impact the World Engine scrap might have?
  2. We talked about the open pod and its possible ties to Wonder Woman.
  3. We discussed two ways Superman might tackle Kryptonian technology and how giving humanity access might cause him to come into conflict with Batman.
  4. What Batman’s logical attitude towards Superman could be?
  5. How Batman could have an illogical attitude towards Superman could be justified.
  6. How Man of Steel lays the groundwork for an optimistic Superman.
  7. And my preferences on the approach to the Superman Batman conflict and partnership.

While covering our topics, we touch on the following questions:

  • What’s the deal with the open pod and who was the survivor?
  • Can Superman breath in space?
  • Where should the Fortress of Solitude be?
  • Why would Superman support the proliferation of Kryptonian technology?

…and more!

Liquid Geo featurette

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