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Update: I’m still alive and still working on the podcast.  There has just been several other good priorities and diversions over the show lately.

The next episode is about 2/3rds there.  I’ve got the history and the science.  I still have to finalize the squishy human-stuff.

Great new responsibilities mean I’ve got less and less time, but still plugging away.  Some RRSSS for your consideration:

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice Analysis | MediaMatters

MOSAIC Episode 49 will be out “when it’s done” but hopefully before the end of this month.

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  1. Hi Dr, big fan of your show from New Zealand. Thanks for devoting your time on producing quality content. Looking forward to your next episode. I hope that a one year between Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman will give you the time you need to further discuss DCEU.

  2. We need more Doc!

  3. Tks 4 all ur efforts Dr.Awkward, fan from singapore. Really can’t wait 4 the next episode 2 come out. It’s been toooooo long! n i’m impatient?. Obviously u r a very busy man, but hopefully u’ll finally get till 2 e end 4 ur discussion on MOS, someday LOL… b4 WW comes out next june!
    Take care Doc?

  4. I look forward to hearing from you like a dying man in a desert looks for water. But I don’t mind waiting for you content, as it is usually excellent, some of the most insightful and educational commentary I have ever heard about comics, and definitely my favorite podcast period. Thank you for so much and keep it up!

    PS I would LOVE for you to go back posting videos. That’s how I ended up knowing about your work and I miss some new material sorely. But as I said, whatever you have for us is always welcome!

  5. I also randomly found the TED talk and the linked video analysis is a must if you want to explain to a “layman” what BvS was about.

    Here is a high res-scan of the newspaper in BvS regarding the Wayne Financial building:
    Our reddit is also working on getting information out of the DCEU “in universe” Argus site:
    PS: I gave Supergirl another chance and S02 is a noticeable improvement but i don´t know if i will stick around. CW´s Superman is a very solid effort though. Arguably the 3rd best life action version but the troll-tastic “CW saved Superman” articles are pure nonsense. He was featured in a supporting role and has no character depth as of now.

    • Yeah I also think such comparisons are ridiculous. Not only they are comparing a young Superman to an experienced one, but I also noticed that this new TV Superman is “almost” a carbon copy of the 78 film’s Superman, something that Routh’s version was heavily criticized for being. Is beyond retarded if you ask me.

      • Well, Hoechlin IS a copy. Just not a substandard one as in Returns.
        Superman 78 (8/10) is referenced in the show and some scenes as his Manhunter team-up were amazing but others, as his scenes on the phone with Perry (he said lickety split and showed no spine…) are cringe worthy. The shows take on Metallo though was the real problem but i can again recommend the 2 part opening. The actual series though still has noticeable room to improve.
        Legends had a mediocre return BUT ep.2 was one of the best things CW produced due to a very impressive JSA team-up. I am now done with Arrow but the return was watchable and Flash continues to be good, even if the pacing is way too fast. Gotham is lastly as insane as it is entraining. It and Flash are my 2 lock-ins what DC is concerned and the recent Luke Cage was good, but not as good as the other Netflix shows and way too long.
        I even tried Shield S04. They nailed Ghost Rider and the rest was the usual mess, so it is as dead to me as Arrow. Season wrap up over.

        What i am trying to say here is that multiple in interpretations can and SHOULD exist side by side. That´s literally how comics work. I for example consider Christopher Reeve as Superman to be the golden superhero acting standard BUT I / II still had problematic scripts and the 4 other in-universe films sucked. None of that was his fault though.

        • I agree with you. I wasn´t saying Hoechlin nor Reeve were bad, I was simply pointing out the double-standard of some people. I recall that Routh´s characterization was heavily criticized back when his film came out for being so similar to Reeve´s (but he didn´t wrote the script so it wasn´t his fault), yet now another version that is similar to Reeve is being praised just cuz is similar to Reeve.

          I personally have no issue with liking both Reeve and Cavill as Superman, nor Hoechlin either (and I also think Routh did the best he could with what he got), I simply think that is kinda frustrating how some people have no trouble being hypocrites in public.

          • You see the traffic opinionated DC articles get now. At least we saw Devin Faraci dethroned… let´s not go there.
            The negativity towards the UN appointment of Wonder Woman (she is the 4th such fictional character and a logical choice) and random opinion pieces on the proposed AT&T buyout of WB barely make sense to me. Everyone is an “expert” these days…
            I don´t care though. “Bad” US comic adaptions barely exist anymore (Marvel´s toon line could use “fixing” most of all), the actual publishing medium is now doing better than a few years ago (my main concern but Marvel Now! is the mess i feared it to be) and how about that Logan trailer. Someone is going out on top!

  6. Hi Dr,

    Is the youtube video link now cannot be posted here on this website?? That is weird I post one youtube video link here and it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    • Jonathan, this is a simple hosted site without a lot of advanced spam protection which means- unfortunately- the unsophisticated spam filter has to be set high otherwise I have to spend an hour a day deleting spam posts with malicious links and sorting through spam emails. The spam filter doesn’t have a lot of settings. It’s basically on or off. In my experience it stops anything long or with links.

      Regarding your post, I’m not clearing it for moderation because this is not a site for advertising critics or rallying brigades to go address them or for waging internet war. It doesn’t mean they don’t have salient points, that we can’t debate them, or that we’re ignoring them… it just means that’s not the point or purpose of this site. It is absolutely easy to find criticism and debate regarding the films. I’m intentionally supplying something different. And frankly, I literally don’t have the time or interest in moderating people coming here to argue and discussions going back-n-forth here.

      There are plenty of other places to do that on the internet where it isn’t my responsibility and where you’re free to engage in that, but I feel a certain obligation to keep my own site free of that.

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