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Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans and coincides with Armistice Day commemorating the conclusion of World War I.


One juxtaposition of our capacity for war and peace is in the Christmas Truce of 1914 (learn more), dramatized in this 2014 Sainsbury’s ad:




Some RRSSS for your consideration:

Warner Bros. Animation Begins Production on Season 3 of “Young Justice” | Warner Bros. Press Release

Three “Justice League Action” Clips (Premiers November 26)| Cartoon Network

Wonder Woman – Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Pictures

“Nov 3, 2016 – It begins with her.” Higher quality versions available here. I’ll include the 3GB high-bit rate version when officially hosted.

“Heroes v. Aliens” – 4 Night Crossover | CW Television

“Nov 10, 2016 – In three weeks Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow team up in a special four night crossover event on The CW! The biggest and best team-up ever!”

Batman V Superman: Allegory | V

Presented without comment.

Batman v Superman: Allegory & Allusion Pt. 1 | Lupe Walker

Part one of three with a Superman emphasis.

Superman: President Lex (2003) | Loeb, Schultz, & Rucka

On the whole, I can’t recommend this trade because it isn’t particularly good or coherent.

Though there are little bits worth noting within. The trade includes one of Superman’s first Post-Crisis (and oft-cited) faster-than-light feats. It also includes the concept of Kryptonian Torquasm-Vo. Lex has a humorous near-wordless Rucka story, “The Why”, accounting for why Luthor runs for office now.

The best issue in the collection is probably the above pictured Superman v2 #165 (Feb 2001). Almost a pure character piece, it’s a series of short vignettes of Superman delivering Christmas gifts to his fellow Justice League teammates as they talk through Luthor’s November victory.

This isn’t a proposal on how you should feel or act or even good guidance one way or the other. It is simply the unsurprising idea that in 78 years of stories, the Superman mythos has lightly touched on the topic of presidental elections too. An argument can be made the recent films are more immediately applicable as Dyce does….

The World Needs the Man of Steel Now More Than Ever | Andrew Dyce | ScreenRant

Agree or disagree, it’s not my place or intention, rather to point out how these films allow for topical engagement as in our discussion of R.G. Collingwood‘s “magic art” concept last episode.

How Morals Influence if You’re Liberals and Conservatives | Peter Ditto | UC Irvine

“Feb 16, 2016 – Are your political views based on facts or your morals? What makes a libertarian tick? Peter Ditto explains how morals shape our worldview. UC Irvine Professor Peter Ditto studies human judgment and decision-making. Ditto is fascinated by biases and “motivated reasoning,” where people’s beliefs and morals influence their interpretation of facts.”

The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives | Jonathan Haidt | TED

“Sep 18, 2008 – Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we’re left, right or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most.”

How to Reach Across the Political Divide | Robb Willer | TEDxMarin

“Nov 1, 2016 – Compelling new research on language and a response to political polarization. What if new psychology research held the key to bridging America’s political divides?”

The Elephant in the Room (Certainty) | Where There’s Smoke
“This week Nick & Brett explore the concept of certainty, as it exist in everything from our political climate, to our businesses, to our communities. And through the research of neurologist Dr Robert Burton, the insights of professor Jonathan Heidt, the experience of designer Mark Busse, and the unique perspective of writer Dan Harmon, they discover that self awareness, humility, and empathy may hold some of the keys to us gaining control of this wild beast called Certainty.”

088 How to bridge the political divide with better moral arguments | You Are Not So Smart
“In this divisive and polarized era how do you bridge the political divide between left and right? How do you persuade the people on the other side to see things your way?  New research by sociologist Robb Willer and psychologist Matthew Feinberg suggests that the answer is in learning how to cross something they call the empathy gap.”

486 The Other Side | StoryCorps
“In this week’s episode of the StoryCorps podcast, we decided to see what would happen if two people who disagree, in the midst of this divisive election, tried to do a StoryCorps interview. And what if the conversation wasn’t about policy, or ideology, or even trying to win an argument? What if they just tried to understand where the other is coming from?”

Trust Me | Freakonomics
“Societies where people trust one another are healthier and wealthier. In the U.S. (and the U.K. and elsewhere), social trust has been falling for decades — in part because our populations are more diverse. What can we do to fix it?”

The Arrival (2016) Final Trailer | Paramount Pictures

In theaters today.

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