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The audio is recorded but I’m still trying to “find the episode” in it.  I’ve tried 3 different assembly cuts which are different degrees of disappointing.  It’s only after I get an arrangement I like do I do the detailed edits, add in clips, and prepare notes for my endnotes recording session (where I record the intro, transitions, and endnotes).  I tried to get the episode out in September (and beat the next trailer) but I’m not going to make it.  We’re attending a birthday and a wedding this weekend and Comic Con next weekend, so I’m not sure when this is going to get done.

No time to editorialize or explain the following links, I promise they’re all slightly salient somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

Episode 56: Espionage.  Steve Trevor the spy, Amanda Waller the intelligence officer, Anatoli Knayzev the KGBeast in a CIA op gone wrong, and Clark Kent raised undercover.

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  1. Analysis of Doomsday fight! We peasants are revolting!
    Not long until JL. Be great to see our Superman trilogy round off.

    • Haha, the Doomsday recording has the same problem as the Wallace Keefe recording… they’re both a little too mean spirited and know-it-all… but at the same time I can’t bring myself to rewrite / re-record the same topic when it’s all already there. I tried to fix the Doomsday stuff by grafting Art of War onto it (because, in some sense Sun Tzu is a bit of a mean-spirited know-it-all, so I could couch my analysis in his decrees) but that just made it meaner and pointlessly abstract… it did lead me to the espionage theme for the recent episode though.

      The main thrust of the analysis is really breaking it down blow by blow, choice by choice, and what they actually know and can infer at every moment… and it quickly makes some of the proposed alternatives ridiculous.

  2. I have noticed that you even edited out all the part where you took in your breath. That takes tons of time but it makes your audio so easy to listen to and follow. So by all means, take your time Doc. We’ll wait. (Just not too long) 🙂

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