Superman Vs Zod – Who REALLY Won The Fight | Bandit Incorporated

Check out this video by Bandit Incorporated.

“In the Man of Steel fight between Zod and Superman, we all know how it ended. But is we score it as a boxing match, who REALLY won?”

Another break down on the relative gap in skill during the Zod and Superman fight.

Also his video for The Dark Knight Returns animated adaptation.

I think I might contest some of the scoring in both videos but that’s fine. You’d have multiple judges for a boxing event precisely for that reason. As we’ve mentioned in a previous RRSSS, even Olympic-level judges can differ in evaluation and even make objective mistakes (in the case of the experiment swapping the colors of the participants). So there’s definitely a human element in there. Nonetheless, the overall conclusion for the MOS video is basically the same.

I approach the TDKR fight a little differently and usually point out every turn in the fight where Batman is essentially at Superman’s mercy, but that’s a totally different metric. I’m still pretty busy with my friend’s local election, but started to gather some of my notes on the fights in Man of Steel for next episode, barring anything coming out of the Investor’s Call.

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  1. I can’t fully fathom that YouTuber’s thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware how intelligent that guy is, but some of his opinions tend to be a little far fetched.

    First he likes Man of Steel and defends it in his videos, a year later he hears of Luthor’s casting and out of nowhere hates it (like if it was the film’s choice or something), and then watched the Comic-Con trailer and out of nowhere likes it again (without addressing the “reason” of why he disliked it in the first place).

    I will watch his videos and support his channel, but the guy sometimes speaks in a matter I’m unable to comprehend.

    • many youtubers are like that.

      Don’t dwell too much into it.. Compared to others he has been fairly consistent.

      Glad that he likes MoS and is fully onboard with BvS.

      More hype & publicity for BvS isn’t a bad thing.

    • I don’t really follow him closely enough to have any kind of opinion, I just saw the video addressing something I’ve tackled in the past.

      I generally just focus on the content in front of me. I don’t think I’d be friends with Max Landis but I can get on board with him writing Superman.

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