The DCCU is not being rushed

Some suggest thatdclogoblue the DC Cinematic Universe is being rushed.

We cover two interpretations of this concern: first, that not enough time has been spent on the actual production; and second, that not enough time will be given on the screen.

What about production time?

If anything, it has been a long time coming and is something that Warner Brothers has been attempting and developing to varying degrees for years.  In fact, the first mainstream comic book shared cinematic universe existed between Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Helen Slater’s Supergirl with the common casting of Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen.  Of course, this iteration of the shared universe is the one that people really care about.

We can go back and forth on the arguments for why but sometimes it’s illustrative to just look at the metrics.  Rushing means doing something too quickly for the time allowed.  Here, we can objectively evaluate the time allowed.

Let’s contrast Marvel Phase One, leading up to The Avengers, with DC’s slate leading up to Justice League.

mcu dcu

Visually, they don’t look all that different.  Note that graphs aren’t to scale relative to one another.  The DCCU timeline encompasses 53 months over the MCU’s 48 month timeline.  Aside from first visual impressions, let’s get into the numbers.  For the sake of simplicity we’re rounding dates to the first of the month…. read more

Has Snyder Moved On? Is The WB Imposing Batman On Us?

ZD7ZcVyI’ve received a lot of thoughtful responses to Zack Loves Superman. Many positive which I appreciate, but also some with additional concerns, which I’d like to address.

They raise plenty of good points that nothing in the video is relevant if Snyder is unreliable- either not completely honest about his feelings, playing politics, or if his feelings have changed- or if, irrespective of his feelings, Warner Brothers is mandating an emphasis on Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In either of those cases, I would tend to agree, but I’d also hope that neither situation is the case. We’re operating on very limited information. We have yet to see a single frame of confirmed footage or one iota of official plot. In the absence of facts our reactions are being guided by our emotions and pre-conceived notions and prejudices more than anything else.

Thus in the absence of such facts, I’m electing to be hopeful. I’m deciding to be optimistic. That choice makes anticipation for this film a wonderful, rather than a hand-wringing, experience.

Statistically speaking, of course, it’s still the safest way to travel.

Facts, inferences, evidence, and data can help quell anxiety, but even they can’t convince someone committed to worry or a position of dread. Of course, their fears could ultimately be entirely justified… but what a way to spend the next year of your life! (Or half-decade if including the other slated DCCU films!) I can only offer you some meager arguments… for those who want to believe, have faith, and have hope. I can’t prove the future will be good. I can’t make you hope. However, I can try to share mine. read more

Official Batmobile Image – “Who Pumps The Tires?”

The Batmobile is just awesome to look at, but it also may imply more about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice than may be apparent at first glance….
read more

A Realistic Approach to Hope and Morality

I disagree with the Comic Alliance editorial’s position that Man of Steel is devoid of hope and morality, rather, it is a realistic view of hope and morality.

Originally Posted by Comic Alliance

This is not a movie about truth, or justice, or heroism, or sacrifice, or hope. Hope gets a mention. We’re told the symbol on Superman’s chest represents “hope,” but I can’t think of any moment in the movie that shows us that ideal. The characters standing in the wreckage at the end of the movie seem to represent grim endurance rather than hope. We do see a glimpse at the end of the movie of young Clark Kent playing outside with a cape around his neck. That seems hopeful. But as it’s a moment from his past, before everything went to hell, it also suggests that hope is naive.

If he reads the film as presenting hope as naive, I think he’s confusing the message of the film versus his 4-color image of hope which is naive. Hope takes endurance, not just idle and effortless wish fulfillment.

If you step outside the film for a bit, Henry Cavill was a kid who’s nickname was “Fat Cavill“, nevertheless he determined to be a Hollywood Actor at around 16. Not just an actor, doing theater and what not, he wanted to be in big pictures and big roles, across the pond in America. He had hope. Back then a big star, Russell Crowe, supported his hope, but told him no lies… he instilled into young Cavill the Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” read more