How did Clark destroy the truck without being caught?

MOSAIC 17 – Doc, 7/6/15

On January 12, 2012, we received one of our first glimpses of an intriguing visual from the set of Man of Steel.

It was one of the first released materials and likely earlier in production. In the film, the final scene looks like this:

So how does Clark, in the heat of the moment, vent his frustrations on this truck, where the end result is as we see it AND Clark does not get caught in the process? Clark can’t fly yet. He doesn’t have Flash-like super-speed.  No one warned Ludlow (the truck driver) so it apparently happened quickly without anyone hearing… read more

Anti-Superman Protest [BvS]

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Earth Belongs To Humans
Return to {S}ender
Illegal Alien
Deport Superman
When Invasion Becomes Reality Revolt Becomes Duty
Aliens are Non-American
Superman Took Your Planet
Fly Home
Go Home Fascist
{Swastika Shield}
{alien Grey head}
{stop signs}
{interdictory circle Superman shield}
{hung by gallows and then immolated effigy}