Why is the Sun Yellow…? [Minute Physics]

As you may recall in MOSAIC Episdoe 4, I briefly mentioned that the idea of a yellow sun was “junk science” but I didn’t elaborate because I simply accept it as one of the trappings of the Superman mythos. Nonetheless, the above video briefly explains why it is merely our perception of the Sun that makes it yellow as opposed to it “being” yellow. To its credit, Man of Steel actually distances itself from “yellow” being the deciding factor. The film does describe Sol as a “main sequence yellow star” but does not explicitly state that Superman’s powers are derived from the star being yellow, rather, from the star being young. Additionally, the inclusion of atmospheric aspects (which will be covered in MOSAIC Episode 6) provides something that perhaps justifies the cross section of the two.

As always, when I point out science related to Superman it is never my intention to debunk him.

Instead, we either look for more creative avenues to reconcile science with fiction, or we simply accept it for what it is, a trope tied to tradition, and see if we can reliably constrain or predict its patterns in such a way that can have consistency in the portrayal of powers throughout the DCCU.

Another take on the same lesson:

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