Zack Snyder’s Favorite Superhero Is Superman

In this clip, E-Asylum’s Cyndee San Luis asks, “Who’s your favorite superhero?”
Snyder answers, “I guess Superman is my favorite superhero, strangely.  You’re not supposed to say that.  It’s not cool to say, but he is.”
Cyndee echos, “It’s not cool to say.”
Snyder clarifies, “Ah just ’cause you’re doing it.  It’s weird.”


Does It Matter?

It’s relevant primarily for Superman fans who are worried about a Batman bias because of some perceived or assumed favoritism by Snyder.

Breaking It Down

Personally, I take the comments at face value and if you do too, you can just ignore the rest of this.  However, for those who like to pick apart and parse phrasing for meaning, read on.

My interpretation of what Snyder means when he says, “strangely” is that he’s referring to his reputation for edgy antiheroes and superhero deconstruction.

The other part is a little less clear.  Without his last comment, the more typical interpretation is that Snyder is standing up Superman being his favorite, even if it isn’t the cool answer.  Where “cool” is likely more popular, more edgy, or perhaps more obscure.

However, his last comment seems to suggest it’s uncool to say your favorite character is the one you’re working on, perhaps because it seems disingenuous?  However, that’s “weird” because obviously you will have a passion for whatever character you are working on, so the judgment is out of bounds.

If I had to read too much into the comment and speculate why “guess” is interjected, it isn’t a conflict about his feelings for Superman, which are made abundantly clear through other interviews (Nov. 5 update: Remastered video, normalized audio, and added the above clip), but rather a reflection on the definition of “superhero”… where, many of the characters he’s worked on in, for example, Watchmen, could arguably not be considered superheroes.  More likely, in my opinion, it was simply a verbal stall.

In combing through hours of video interviews with the filmmakers behind Man of Steel, I’ve picked up a few of Snyder’s linguistic tendencies.  For example, Snyder uses the word “dork” to encompass and describe fandom more than the presently more popularly used “geek” or “nerd”… his highest form of praise is the word, “awesome”… and when he is relaxed and calm, Snyder can be remarkably eloquent, but when he’s excited, tired, or recalling a rote response, he has a tendency to slightly stutter and repeat articles and the like.

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