50 – Endgame

coverblackRecorded January 27th.  “I don’t know how to lose.”  Sports and football in these films and how it informs Clark’s character.  Issues with Lex’s endgame and how it reflects his psychology.  Learning how to lose.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • I. Sports
  • Sports as a part of culture
  • Is Clark a sports fan?  The cliché versus the evidence
  • Qualifications of a sports writer
  • Priorities over fandom, diversions, and leisure
  • How does Clark view sports given his abilities?
  • Is Zack Snyder a sports fan?
  • What was the Metropolis State vs. Gotham City fight about?
  • The Quarterback Kneel controversy
  • What does that controversy illustrate?
  • II. Lex’s Endgame
  • Was Lex just a fanatic in the end?
  • Lex’s doomsday perspective and plan
  • Why the Doomsday plan has holes
  • Lex putting his life at risk to Superman, military response, and Doomsday
  • Why Lex uses his blood to create Doomsday
  • Why Lex doesn’t try to get away with his endgame
  • The Origin of Lex Luthor
  • Lex has hope in his last scene
  • III. Losing
  • Illustrating a few principles
    • For anyone trying, failure is inevitable not identity
    • Embrace iteration instead of a God Complex
    • Review your endgame and have others check it
    • Persistence and resilience
  • Expect setbacks, embrace the journey with patience, anticipate tomorrow hopefully
  • UCLA Coach John Wooden

Examples of Superman lacking omniscience:

  • Lois can’t get information to him in time
  • Lois can’t find him after the bombing
  • Lois can’t summon him at will in Nairomi
  • Lois can hide the bullet from him
  • Lois doesn’t whisper under her breath behind the barricade
  • Lois doesn’t call out for him on the helipad
  • Lois is surprised that he catches her
  • Lois explicitly says he couldn’t see the bomb
  • Lois uncovers the plot he didn’t know
  • Martha doesn’t cry for him while kidnapped
  • Martha doesn’t scream for him in the warehouse
  • Lex knows he can kidnap Lois & Martha
  • Lex knows he can keep them from Superman’s senses
  • Batman relies on the element of surprise in his attacks
  • Clark learns of the hearings from Lois
  • Clark learns of Kahina and Keefe from the news
  • Clark learns of the factory fire from the news
  • Clark learns of the Batman’s brutality from the news
  • Clark learns what the talking heads are saying from the news
  • Superman demands to know “Where is she?”

To learn more:
Sports Fan Polling | Gallup
How Obsessive are Sports Fans | CBS
An Egghead’s Guide to the Super Bowl | Freakonomics
Nerds & Jocks Think They’re The Underdog | CollegeHumor
Sportsmanship: What’s Expected In Football | NPR
Cam is Superman, Snyder Interview | AOL
Ruby-Spears Superman | CBS
The Power and the Glory | NFL Films
Wicked problem | Wikipedia
John Wooden | Wikipedia
Such A Loser | Garfunkel & Oates

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Another three-parter released as one episode.  Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

49 – Breath

coverblackRecorded October 8 and 21.  The breath powers: history, science, and creative implications.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • History:
  • Is super breath its own power?
  • First instances of super breath in the comics
  • First instance of cold breath in the comics
  • Adoption in adaptations
  • Science:
  • How breathing works
    • Basics
    • Applying strength
    • World record techniques
  • Does super breath implicate cold breath necessarily?
    • Extinguishing fire
      • Fire triangle / tetrahedron
      • Vapor as fuel
    • Cooling hot stuff
      • Thermodynamics
      • Cold is not a property
    • Blowing on your hand
      • Unreliable sensation
      • Alternative explanation
    • Gas cooling catch-all
      • Mathematical limitations
      • Absolute Zero
      • Absolute Hot
      • Freezing air
      • Gas heat transfer
  • Creative:
  • Magical Thinking
  • Story reasons for the power
  • Story reasons against the power
  • Is it okay to question stories?
  • Investing in reality for stories
  • Truth catching up to fiction
  • Science in fiction
  • Teachable attitudes and interactions
  • Magic and fantasy another time

…and much more!

Science of Superman (2006) | Warner Home Video
Nonexistent Objects Imaginary Worlds- Crash Course #29
Breathe! | Glenn Wolkenfeld
Great Wakkorotti | Animaniacs
Brian Jackson | Stan Lee’s Superhumans
Circular Breathing | Wikipedia
Only Vapors Burn 1947 Chemistry of Fire | US War Dept.
Liquid Nitrogen Grease Fire | Cody’s Lab
The Physics of The Impossible (2008) | Michio Kaku
First and Second Law of Thermodynamics | Flanders & Swann
Why does heat transfer from hot to cold? | Fact Tap
Substance of Silence | Stuff to Blow Your Mind
How Entropy Powers The Earth | Minute Physics
Misconceptions About Heat | Veritasium
What Is One Degree? | BBC
Why Is My Breath Hot? | Ask Science
Absolute Zero – Absolute Awesome | SciShow
What Does Liquid Nitrogen Do To Your Face | Grant Thompson
The Physics of Heat- Crash Course Physics #22
How Iceman Is Actually a Bomb! | Nerdist
Magical Thinking | Imaginary Worlds
Supergods | Grant Morrison
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No. of questions kids ask daily | Duck Quacks Don’t Echo
Testimonials | Science & Entertainment Exchange
Aesthetics- Crash Course Philosophy #31
Superman The High Flying History (2012) | Larry Tye
Thermodynamics of Love (2009) | David Ng
Negative Temperatures are Hot | Sixty Symbols
Superman Memory Crystals | Physics World
The Science of Superman (2002) | Mark Wolverton
The Science of Superheroes (2002) | Gresh & Weinberg
The Science of Supervillains (2005) | Gresh & Weinberg
The Physics of Superheroes (2005) | James Kakalios
Superhero Powers Explained | University of Leicester

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I’m aware of the no-communication theorem regarding spooky action.

Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 15

Update: I’m still alive and still working on the podcast.  There has just been several other good priorities and diversions over the show lately.

The next episode is about 2/3rds there.  I’ve got the history and the science.  I still have to finalize the squishy human-stuff.

Great new responsibilities mean I’ve got less and less time, but still plugging away.  Some RRSSS for your consideration:

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice Analysis | MediaMatters

MOSAIC Episode 49 will be out “when it’s done” but hopefully before the end of this month.

48 – Amanda Waller

coverblackRecorded August 22nd.  “What are you really up to?”  The premise behind Task Force X as historically plausible.  Amanda Waller’s sales pitch and intentions.  FAQ run down.

You notice these are criminals?  They’re psychotic antisocial freaks.  It makes no sense . . . I mean, you need real soldiers.  Not these scumbags . . . What are you really up to?

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Amazing Amanda Waller execution
  • The Voice of God
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Weird weapons of war
  • Project Habakkuk (ice ship) and Project X-Ray (bat bombs)
  • David and Goliath and military innovation
  • White House Situation Room
  • What was pitched and what was actually bought
  • People avoid uncertainty but actually like it
  • Military Mafia connection
  • Unethical human testing
  • Why not heroes or soldiers
  • Waller and Enchantress
  • History of WMD management
  • The Dirty Dozen and Filthy Thirteen
  • Roy Benavidez

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can this Squad stop Superman?
  • What is the purpose of the rest of the Squad?
  • What use is Harley?  Boomerang?  Killer Croc?  Slip Knot?
  • What is Waller really up to?
  • Why is Katana on the Squad?
  • What is the Squad’s purpose generally?
  • Why aren’t elite soldiers satisfactory to Waller?
  • What is the Squad’s mission specifically?
  • Who shot down the first helicopter?
  • Why would you send another helicopter?
  • Why was GQ and his men on this mission?
  • Don’t they compromise the Squad’s covert status?
  • Isn’t this expending soldiers for the Squad?
  • Wouldn’t two squads of soldiers be better?
  • Why couldn’t conventional soldiers win if bombs are effective?
  • Why weren’t the supernatural siblings more effective?
  • How did Deadshot set off the C4?
  • Why did Bruce need Waller’s files?
  • Where was The Flash?
  • Why didn’t Waller destroy the heart immediately?
  • Why didn’t Waller guard Enchantress more carefully?

To learn more:
Fighting Fire With Fire | Wikipedia
Project X-Ray (bat bomb) | Wikipedia
Project Habakkuk (ice ship) | Wikipedia
War In Heaven | Wikipedia
Penal Military Units | Wikipedia
The Dirty Dozen (1967) | IMDb
White House Situation Room | Wikipedia
Lucky Luciano’s deal | Wikipedia
Unethical human experimentation | Wikipedia
Command & Control | Eric Schlosser
Filthy Thirteen | Wikipedia
MSgt. Roy Benavidez | Wikipedia

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A special first-draft since I’m away for the next month!  So here’s the “assembly cut” in lieu of dividing it into three polished episodes.

47 – Suicide Squad

coverblackRecorded August 12th.  “Don’t worry, I still love you.”  Suicide Squad, love & hate, critics, demographics, and punk rock.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Suicide Squad art book the best yet
  • Expectations first viewing
  • Loving and not liking without contradiction
  • Kevin Smith’s commitment
  • “Anarchic punk rock art movie”
  • Audience demographics opening week
  • 81% of African Americans and Hispanics gave the film a positive score
  • 76% of audience members under age 35 gave the film a positive score
  • Batson Rule of jury selection applied to RT Top Critics
  • Gender demographics of critics
  • Giving critics appropriate weight
  • Punk rock history
    • Universal yearning
    • Punk vs. Prog Rock
    • Ayer’s punk-like courage
    • Sincerity and reality
    • Rebellion threatens establishment
    • Diversity
    • Improvisation and inspiration
    • Effort, blood, sweat, and tears
    • Commercialization
    • Ayer built a family
    • Recognition over time
  • Gladwell on Cézanne
  • Marjorie Lui on diversity in comics

…and much more!

Interview with David Ayer | Empire
5 Reasons Why Suicide Squad Stayed At The Box Office | Meriah Doty
Suicide Squad Is The Most Diverse Superhero Cast Yet | Graphiq
You Don’t Own Me ft. G-Eazy | Grace
Rock & Roll – Punk (1995) | PBS
Episode 7: Hallelujah | Revisionist History
Marjorie Liu’s Monstress Pushes the Boundaries | New Yorker
“Naughty” – Matilda The Musical | Tim Minchin

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I’m aware that “anarchic punk rock” is its own sub-genre within punk.  😛

46 – Monument

coverblackSegments originally recorded March 29th, April 30th, and July 19th.  Heroes Park monument, memorial, and the Superman statue.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Motif of monuments, memorials, and memory throughout the film
  • The Superman statue as political expedience
  • A scar on the city
  • National September 11 Memorial parallels
  • Remember the city as it was, incorporating the city
  • Impact of Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Maya Lin’s design, intention, and overcoming criticism
  • The certainty of youth
  • Chronological listing of names
  • Names as a meaningful abstraction
  • Symbols of the Wall
  • Criticism over abstraction and ambiguity
  • Critics can turn anything into a controversy
  • Critics upset over the unexpected and unconventional
  • Public grieving changed by Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Accessibility of art beyond the directly connected and invested
  • Interpretation and understanding increasing appreciation of art
  • Benefits of wonder and awe
  • The pose, humility, and abstraction of the statue
  • Do heroes have to be known or perfect to get a monument?
  • Wallace Keefe’s objections to the statue
  • Monuments versus the fluidity of history
  • Keefe’s arrest as the central statement
  • Superman’s feelings about the statue, being put on a pedestal

…and much more!

Sorry, I don’t have access to Doc’s notes.  He’ll update the show notes with links after Suicide Squad.

Time Out Shortlist Metropolis & Gotham | Dan Wallace (editor)
Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film | Peter Aperlo
Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1982 | Smarthistory
American Icons: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial | Studio 360
Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial | Rear Window
Hidden Brain: Great Vacations and Awe | NPR
Heroes are good – let’s make statues of them | Nikolas Lloyd
ISIS destroys ancient artifacts in Mosul | CBS
A History of Controversial Monuments | Eveline van Rijswijk

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8/8 – Thanks to H.H. for publishing the episode and moderating the site!

45 – Ultimate Edition

coverblackRecorded July 9th, less than 12 hours after viewing.  First impressions to the Ultimate Edition of Batman v. Superman (via VUDU) after one continuous play through, skimming some extras, and going back to pause at select points.

Apologies in advance for the rambling sure to come!  Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Overall Impressions
  • Subtlety and symbolism of drinks as delusion
  • Repetition, parallels, references, homage, call-backs, continuity
  • Jimmy Olsen’s death and Clark Kent’s return
  • Approaching BvS with mass resurrection in mind
  • New rules for reality
  • Justice League set visit excitement
  • Recruitment reflecting negotiating with audience
  • Realism reinvigorating comics in every era
  • Heavy Metal magazine influence
  • Smoother transitions
  • Function of flamethrower in Nairomi
  • New line says Lex Senior was a liar
  • Perry White’s tragic story arcs
  • Colorado flood rescue dilemma
  • Superman’s public powers and limitations
  • Lex’s kinship with Doomsday
  • Knowing lets you go dark for the coming light

…and much more ramblings!

Secret Origin clip features Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne McDuffie, Paul Levitz, Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, Denny O’Neil, Mark Waid, and Neil Gaiman.

7/22/16 Update: I figured out the logic of planning for the flamethrower.  Not for the locals, the CIA, the press, for witnesses, or eliminating evidence.  The burnt bodies gave Kahina the cover-story to excuse your lie in the eyes of Lois and Clark.  Yes, Lex could have had Kahina lie about fire even if Anatoli didn’t burn bodies but then Lois and Clark would be on to Kahina immediately.  They’d know she was lying.  L&C might not be able to prove it, but it would get them investigating rather than doubting themselves.  Lex ordered Anatoli to burn bodies because while L&C know Superman didn’t use heat-vision, they could still believe that Kahina would come to that conclusion and testify about it.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (4K Ultra HD) | Director: Zack Snyder
Justice League Set Visit Recap | Collider
Alexander The Great vs Ivan The Terrible | Epic Rap Battle
Diana’s treasure. Action 1, Detective 31, Detective 27, and Superman 1! | MOSanswers
Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics (2009) | Narrator: Ryan Reynolds
What Is An Existential Crisis? | The School of Life
The Suicide Squadcast | Tim, Scott, and Brent
Justice League Universe Podcast | Sam and Alessandro

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Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 14

It may be a while until I have time to prepare an episode or record next.  I’ll be traveling for work, I have new additions for a new edition due, vacation plans, etc.  I’d like to do a Flash focused episode or Suicide Squad spotlight.  Maybe.  The courts get busy before people start disappearing on their Summer breaks, so my attention is a bit split.  There’s a ton of stuff to enjoy from the Ultimate Edition trailer, Rebirth, to Suicide Squad spots and merchandise, to Rick Famuyiwa filmography, etc. so you’re spoiled for choice!

Please support the DC TV Podcasts: Spinal Cort Research Fundraiser, this Saturday, June 11th.This is a great cause and a fun podcast event!

Here’s some RRSSS:

read more

44 – Kryptonite Spear

coverblackOur introduction to Kryptonite in Batman v. Superman, its properties and use.

Getting into the science of minerals, materials, radiation, and projectiles.  Why make a Kryptonite spear?  Why not Kryptonite bullets, blades, or bludgeons?

Something more meaningful than the gift of a Kryptonite ring.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Properties of a mineral
  • Properties of Kryptonite
  • Weaponizing Kryptonite
  • Why Kryptonite glows
  • Kryptonian bio-interactions
  • Wisps of smoke during scalpel cut
  • Radioactive half-life
  • Biological half-life
  • Ballistic penetration
  • Lightsaber design language
  • In praise of production design
  • Pathology of Kryptonite gas
  • Entrusting Kryptonite
  • How to give hope

…and a bonus round of random topics:

  • What altitude did Superman?
  • Super-speed stories
  • Bringing Clark back
  • DC Rebirth
  • Allegory
  • Allergy

Kryptonite Spear ManOfSteelAnswers.com
Note: Lightsaber design language, form follows function, and spearhead geometry | Various

Minerals and Blades
Botryoidal mineral texture | Wiki
BvS Spoiler Special with Zack Snyder | Empire Podcast
Stone Blade Surgery | PBS
Obsidian Surgery Scalpels | CNN
Glass Knife | Wiki
Diamond Knife | Wiki
Diamond LaserKnife | ASDS

The Batman Superman Movie | WB Animation
Silver Bullet | Wiki
Radioactivity: Expect the unexpected – Steve Weatherall | TED-Ed
Is radiation dangerous? – Matt Anticole | TED-Ed
How does radiation sickness work? | BrainStuff
The Radium Girls | SciShow

Army Special Forces: “Silent Warriors” (1961) | US Army
Modern Crossbow vs. Modern Body Armor | twangNbang
Momentum, Kinetic Energy, & Arrow Penetration | Dr. Ashby
Tungsten: The perfect metal for bullets | BBC
Firewalking | Wiki
Discoveries from the Inside – Designing the Lightsaber | Star Wars
Return of the Jedi Fake Script Story| Howard Kazanjian
Alpha Particle | Wiki

Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens | Kirby Ferguson
Justice League: The New Frontier | Darwyn Cooke
Radioactive (Cover) – Happy Sad Songs | Gregory Brothers

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