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Not sure when I’ll have time to record next.  It would be thematic to do a Martha episode for Mother’s Day but I’ve other commitments the next few weeks.  I have a bunch of notes about Lara and Martha but not compiled enough for an episode yet.

Though Lara is only in the Krypton sequence, she’s given more to do with more significance than you might initially think.  Even as she expresses doubt and fear, she’s ultimately the one who makes the active decision to launch Kal-El after bravely completing the first natural birth on Krypton in centuries.  Lara is the one that faces her husband’s killer and his threats at sentencing and has to face the end of Krypton a widow and without her child.  Some interesting stuff in that before and after when you unpack it.  Martha, meanwhile, is a strong and nurturing mother who eventually needs an episode because there’s so much to say.  For now, simply:

Happy Mother’s Day!

So until next time, an extra helping of RRSSS to help tide you over.  (Also be sure to check out all the other great DC podcasts out there!)

Superman – Character Development, Approach, Psychology, etc.

Appreciating DC Films through Science, History, Philosophy, Film, etc.


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43 – A Beautiful Truth – You Are Not Alone

coverblackA sentimental essay and subjective exploration of Clark’s character arc and the birth of the superhero.

Briefly revisiting Man of Steel to find a beautiful truth in Batman v. Superman we can all apply.

Understanding and empathizing with Clark’s burden beyond just bearing the weight of criticism.  Refusing to take Superman the symbol for granted.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • A beautiful lie, the ugly truth, an ugly lie, a beautiful truth
  • The beautiful truth beheld by Martha and Jonathan
  • Jonathan always dreamed of the Superman
  • What is the Superman? = What is the superhero?
  • Erring on psychology rather than unerring icon
  • Not taking “good is a conversation” for granted
  • How dialogue (lines) sacrifices dialogue (conversation)
  • Lois possibly picking the Superman over Clark
  • Clark feeds, Darkseid hungers, Superman teaches all to feed themselves
  • Clark counting the cost of the Superman, an uncertain symbol, with Martha
  • Batman is not a superhero until Superman shows him
  • Not a misunderstanding of Superman, pursuing an understanding of Superman
  • Clark’s consistent characterization on the hotel balcony
  • Paradox of hope and protection challenges Clark’s faith
  • Showing how Clark works out his values, ethics, and morals
  • Twice Lois says, “You came back.”
  • Lex knows he seeks to spread a lie
  • Superman is one… Superman dies… the superhero is born
  • Death protects Superman while expanding the superhero for his return
  • The Justice League works out the logistics and expands the definition
  • Superman was inspired by us
  • You are not alone

…and more.

How deterrence is changing, explained by Defense Secretary Ash Carter | Vox
The Irony of Cheese | Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder Loves Superman and BvS Proves It | Mark Hughes
BvS: How I surprised myself and fell in love with this film | Brett Culp
Look to the Sky (2016) #SupermanIsReal | The Rising Heroes Project
Superhero Psychology | Huffington Post

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Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 12

Have an episode on Superman’s characterization ready to record, but didn’t have time to this weekend (we got to see Hamilton).

While I’m eagerly anticipating Suicide Squad, I’m not intending to do marketing material breakdowns like with Batman v. Superman.  I’ve got my hands full already with BvS for now.  I’ll probably do at least one related episode before it comes out though.

Anyways, in the meantime, here’s some RRSSS:

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Lex Luthor Explained

Lex Luthor leaves many confused.  What follows is an explanation of Lex’s motives and machinations, then exploded and examined with in-story support.  Inspired by episode 42 of MOSAIC.

We’ll largely stick to in-story sources, although everything discussed is supported by second-tier continuity like the Forbes feature, Wired interview, World of Batman v. Superman promotional comics, TimeOut travel guides, etc.  For example, it’s fun trivia that Clark and Lex share the middle-name Joseph, but not vital for any deduction or conclusion.

First we’ll outline everything in the affirmative, Lex’s motive, machinations, and moves:


  • Expose “power can be innocent” as a lie.

That’s it.  Everything essentially comes from this multi-layered motive.  Lex means to enact this motive through several big-picture plans.


  • Demonize Superman
  • Manipulate Batman to Beat Superman
  • Gain Exclusive Entrance to Ship
  • Develop Doomsday

The first plan is the main plan.  The second plan arises after it is clear Senator Finch won’t publicly legitimize his position.  The third plan ties everything together and creates the fourth plan.  The first three big-picture plans encompass the Lex’s moves until he learns from the ship, when he calls the fourth as an audible.  The final plan covers his moves in the second half of the film.


  • Preparation & Planning
  • Africa
  • Import License
  • Fundraiser
  • Bombing
  • Entering Ship
  • Develop Doomsday
  • Distract Superman

These big events encompass the main moves Lex makes in order to accomplish his machinations for his motive.  Let’s break it down as a sequence of events expressed in the affirmative for Lex. read more

42 – Understanding Lex Luthor

coverblackLex wasn’t just manic and unhinged, but a calculating criminal mastermind.  Understanding and walking through Lex’s motives and machinations.

But first, two critical approaches: fault-finding vs. seeking. Superman’s status quo in-story and Superman cinematic strategy.  Then was BvS joyless?  A quick joke list.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Michelangelo’s Pietà – critical approach
  • Tuna fish, sashimi, tuna melt, nigiri, California roll – expectations and taste
  • Superman is honored and loved before BvS – status quo
  • How does BvS position Superman for JL?
  • What Lex knew and when
  • How Lex knows their secret identities
  • How metahumans change Lex’s plan
  • Why Lex doesn’t just kill Superman
  • What was Lex trying to accomplish in Africa
  • Why Lex isn’t worried about being traced
  • Why the evidence was suppressed
  • Superman didn’t kill the General rescuing Lois
  • Why ask for an import license if smuggling it
  • How Senator Finch pushes Lex’s buttons
  • How Bruce is “blind as a bat” in the light
  • Lex intended for Bruce to steal the files
  • Why Lex has a meltdown during his speech
  • How Lex fools Finch, Bruce, Mercy, Keefe, & Clark
  • Why Batman and Superman weren’t in Lex’s files
  • Why Bruce doesn’t suspect conspiracy with Keefe
  • Why it takes Lois to trace Keefe to Lex
  • Why Lex bombing the Senate hearing is brilliant
  • Why Lex didn’t enter the Ship after the fingerprints
  • Why Lex did enter the Scout Ship after the bombing
  • How Lex transcends into a supervillain
  • Why they didn’t let Superman speak
  • How the Scout Ship changes Lex’s priorities and plan
  • Why Batman is Lex’s Dark Knight
  • Why Lex unleashes Doomsday
  • What was the plan before Doomsday?

…and more.

Michelangelo’s Pietà – An Analysis | Spencer’s Painting of The Week
The Problem of Evil | Wikipedia
Existential Crisis | Wikipedia
Pontius Pilate | Wikipedia
Prometheus | Wikipedia
Let Them Eat Cake | Wikipedia
My Ears Are Cold | The Sonic Wombat

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Spoiler-Free Reaction

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is an incredible follow-up to Man of Steel and lead into Justice League.  The title characters are honored and rendered in a sincere and sophisticated way like never before on film. The underlying inspirations are respected and taken seriously with genuine affection and artistry.  An emotional, suspenseful, and dramatic journey.  Smart characters and plotting, stunning visuals and action.

An absolute must-see for superhero fans.

Buy your tickets, mark your calendars to prepare for repeat viewings, it’s satisfying on a visceral level but loaded with nods, homages, citations, references, and ideas which warrant noticing and discussion.

I had the privilege of attending the IMAX event last year which ended in the generous surprise of seeing the film on March 21st in IMAX, which opens with Zack imploring the audience to respect the viewing experience of those yet to see the film.  So I’m trying to keep this short.  I’m seeing the film again in 70mm opening night and again Easter Weekend, so more in-depth discussion to come.  For now, please allow this to act as a reassurance of quality along metrics of concern for longtime fans. read more

MOSAIC Episode Index

coverblackWelcome to Man of Steel Answers!  If this is your first time on the site, it mainly hosts the Man of Steel Answer Insight Commentary (MOSAIC) podcast which is an exhaustive look at 2013’s Man of Steel, the Superman mythos, and surrounding DC cinematic universe topics.

MOSAIC has commentary on Man of Steel‘s Act One in the following episodes:

Certain episodes are focused on answering questions revolving around a central theme:

Finally, several episodes are dedicated to reacting to news or answering mailbag questions:

Index of selected videos:

Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 11

We’re less than a week away! So I’m going dark, but hope to leave you with a few fun things to check out while your biding your time when you’re not rewatching Young Justice, catching up on Supergirl and Flash, and more. I’m doing a jury trial and grading exams, so no planned MOSAIC episodes before Batman v. Superman. Just enough time to make brief comments on each link. Enjoy the RRSSS until we meet again!

Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff

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41 – Batman and Superman

coverblackAn inspection of Batman through the lens of Superman and their historic impact and influence upon each other.  Batman’s commercial origins and influences, historic popularity and comparisons, The Dark Knight Returns, and modern media movies, TV, and videogames.

Clips featuring: Henry Cavill, Jim Steranko, Mark Waid, Denny O’Neil, Kevin Smith, Paul Levitz, Jerry Robinson, Neal Adams, Grant Morrison, Mike Carlin, Bruce Timm, Charles Roven, Len Wein, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns, J. Michael Straczynski, Todd MacFarlane, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Kevin Conroy, Jay Oliva, and more!

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Batman’s influences other than The Shadow
  • Views of machines, technology, and industry
  • Mythological and Homeric parallels
  • Popularity polls and Ebert’s review
  • Batman as an avatar for anger
  • Views on civilization and mankind
  • Bat-Fan openness to interpretation
  • Batman exemplar of effort – Superman gift of grace
  • One bad day

…and more.

Henry Cavill Asks Kids: Batman or Superman? | Omaze
Jesse Eisenberg Asks Comic Fans: Batman or Superman? | Omaze
Win The Ultimate Batman v. Superman Experience | Omaze
Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes… | Grant Morrison
Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked | History
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle | PBS
Superheroes!: Capes, Cowls, and… | Maslon & Kantor
Superman: The High Flying History… | Larry Tye
Our Gods Wear Spandex | Chris Knowles
Batman Tech | History
Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of… | History
Batkid Begins | Dana Nachman
Interview with Jay Oliva | Hall of Justice
Batman: Bad Blood | WB Animation
The Dark Knight Returns | Frank Miller
The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe | WB Animation
Batman The Animated Series | Warner Home Video
Batman Brave and The Bold | WB Animation
Batman Beware The Bat | WB Animation
Batman (1989) | Tim Burton
Batman The Complete Series (1966) | Adam West
The Killing Joke Radio Drama | School of Movies
The Killing Joke | Alan Moore
Exclusive Interview with Zack Snyder | Turkish Airline
The New Batman / Superman Adventures Theme | Shirley Walker

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Happy Birthday Superman!
Happy 30th Anniversary TDKR
BvS tickets on sale now!

40 – Storytime

coverblackTwo short fables (an Aesop fable The Bat and the Weasels and the Chinese proverb The Old Man of The Frontier Loses His Horse) and an original Elseworlds idea Man of Steel: Lost Horse.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • What if Clark tried to save Jonathan from the tornado?
  • How would the world react?
  • How would the government respond?
  • What happens to Clark?
  • Does Zod still come to Earth?

…and more.

Cross Fire: An Original Companion Novel | Michael Kogge
The Bat and The Weasels | Aesop
The Old Man of the Frontier Loses His Horse | Learn Chinese Now
The Story of the Chinese Farmer | Sustainable Human
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle | PBS
Superheroes!: Capes, Cowls, and the Creation of Comic Book Culture | Maslon & Kantor

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