44 – Kryptonite Spear

coverblackOur introduction to Kryptonite in Batman v. Superman, its properties and use.

Getting into the science of minerals, materials, radiation, and projectiles.  Why make a Kryptonite spear?  Why not Kryptonite bullets, blades, or bludgeons?

Something more meaningful than the gift of a Kryptonite ring.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Properties of a mineral
  • Properties of Kryptonite
  • Weaponizing Kryptonite
  • Why Kryptonite glows
  • Kryptonian bio-interactions
  • Wisps of smoke during scalpel cut
  • Radioactive half-life
  • Biological half-life
  • Ballistic penetration
  • Lightsaber design language
  • In praise of production design
  • Pathology of Kryptonite gas
  • Entrusting Kryptonite
  • How to give hope

…and a bonus round of random topics:

  • What altitude did Superman?
  • Super-speed stories
  • Bringing Clark back
  • DC Rebirth
  • Allegory
  • Allergy

Kryptonite Spear ManOfSteelAnswers.com
Note: Lightsaber design language, form follows function, and spearhead geometry | Various

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Randomly Related Slightly Salient Stuff 13

Not sure when I’ll have time to record next.  It would be thematic to do a Martha episode for Mother’s Day but I’ve other commitments the next few weeks.  I have a bunch of notes about Lara and Martha but not compiled enough for an episode yet.

Though Lara is only in the Krypton sequence, she’s given more to do with more significance than you might initially think.  Even as she expresses doubt and fear, she’s ultimately the one who makes the active decision to launch Kal-El after bravely completing the first natural birth on Krypton in centuries.  Lara is the one that faces her husband’s killer and his threats at sentencing and has to face the end of Krypton a widow and without her child.  Some interesting stuff in that before and after when you unpack it.  Martha, meanwhile, is a strong and nurturing mother who eventually needs an episode because there’s so much to say.  For now, simply:

Happy Mother’s Day!

So until next time, an extra helping of RRSSS to help tide you over.  (Also be sure to check out all the other great DC podcasts out there!)

Superman – Character Development, Approach, Psychology, etc.

Appreciating DC Films through Science, History, Philosophy, Film, etc.


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43 – A Beautiful Truth – You Are Not Alone

coverblackA sentimental essay and subjective exploration of Clark’s character arc and the birth of the superhero.

Briefly revisiting Man of Steel to find a beautiful truth in Batman v. Superman we can all apply.

Understanding and empathizing with Clark’s burden beyond just bearing the weight of criticism.  Refusing to take Superman the symbol for granted.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • A beautiful lie, the ugly truth, an ugly lie, a beautiful truth
  • The beautiful truth beheld by Martha and Jonathan
  • Jonathan always dreamed of the Superman
  • What is the Superman? = What is the superhero?
  • Erring on psychology rather than unerring icon
  • Not taking “good is a conversation” for granted
  • How dialogue (lines) sacrifices dialogue (conversation)
  • Lois possibly picking the Superman over Clark
  • Clark feeds, Darkseid hungers, Superman teaches all to feed themselves
  • Clark counting the cost of the Superman, an uncertain symbol, with Martha
  • Batman is not a superhero until Superman shows him
  • Not a misunderstanding of Superman, pursuing an understanding of Superman
  • Clark’s consistent characterization on the hotel balcony
  • Paradox of hope and protection challenges Clark’s faith
  • Showing how Clark works out his values, ethics, and morals
  • Twice Lois says, “You came back.”
  • Lex knows he seeks to spread a lie
  • Superman is one… Superman dies… the superhero is born
  • Death protects Superman while expanding the superhero for his return
  • The Justice League works out the logistics and expands the definition
  • Superman was inspired by us
  • You are not alone

…and more.

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