11 – Lois Lane – Rumor Reactions

coverblackIn this episode, it’s all things Lois Lane! We answer the questions and criticisms about Lois in Man of Steel.  The romance and the relationship for this iconic character.  We address all the questions below!

  • How did Lois get access to the Ellsemere Island site?
  • “Print it or I walk”
  • Why leak the article?
  • How did Clark track Lois down to the cemetery?
  • Why was Lois at Superman’s surrender to Zod?
  • How did Faora know who Lois was?
  • Why did Zod want Lois on the ship?
  • Why was Lois allowed in the C-17, the plane delivering Superman’s ship?
  • Was the kiss forced?
  • Why would Lois be attracted to Clark?
  • Why would Superman be attracted to Lois?
  • Was the kiss in poor taste?
  • Who says, “It’s all downhill after the first kiss?”
  • Was her line and Superman’s response cringe-worthy?
  • Was that intentional?
  • How did Lois get to the train station in time?
  • Is Lois too convenient?
  • Did Lois have enough edge?
  • She’s got red hair.
  • We lost the love triangle and gained what?
  • What role will Lois play in BvS, Justice League, and beyond?

Amy Adams talks Batman v. Superman with Collider and ComingSoon.net

Finally, we react to the reported rumors based on an alleged pre-production script.

While tackling the above you might learn:

  • Where does Lois rank with combined Filmography and Game entries compared to the Trinity, Marvel’s Most Popular, and Batman’s supporting cast?
  • What is an injunction and how do they work?
  • What is a non-compete clause in an employment contract?
  • Why it wasn’t Martha who tipped Clark off about Lois.
  • Are Lois and Superman in love?
  • What was Zod’s only weakness against humanity?
  • What is the Birthday Problem or Birthday Paradox?

…and more!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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