18 – Color, Context, Grades of Gray – Lex Luthor

coverblackIn this episode we explore the choices behind the colors of Man of Steel, for the look of the film and the colors of the costume.  We look at how the context of colors helps us to have compassion for complexity of reality rather than rely on black and white rules and condemnations.  We take a look at what it will take to rebuild Metropolis and what a break down Zack Snyder’s recent revelations about Lex Luthor.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Color grading and the “blockbuster look”
  • Snyder stepping away from a stylized approach
  • Color fidelity of Blu-Ray releases
  • How color was used to distinguish Krypton from Earth
  • Why put Superman in an all-black costume?
  • Why is Superman’s color scheme challenging to bring to reality and how to tackle it?
  • Why is Superman shown at night so much in media?
  • Why the context of these color choices might mean more than those who just demand brighter colors?
  • Why the future films might have brighter colors
  • How Superman tackled reality better than Captain America
  • The dangers of dogma and absolutes
  • The cost of rebuilding Metropolis and three possible shortcuts
  • Why Lex Luthor should endorse and ally with Superman

…and more! In the Mailbag:

  • Will Superman have to rely on tropes to preserve his secret identity?
  • Doesn’t Kryptonian armor grant super strength?
  • Does the DCCU need a Kevin Feige?
  • Will Marvel do a Superman movie after 2033?

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  1. I’ve been listening through the podcast, and am now officially a fan :))

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