20 – Batman v. Superman Teaser Trailer 1

coverblackThe first official look at Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in glorious high-definition.  We break down the lines, the images, and themes with my hazy jet-lagged first impressions.  Then come back soon to hear about the IMAX screening, additional footage, and to talk about the reaction and concerns of others to the trailer.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Who is Charlie Rose and Neil DeGrasse Tyson?
  • Why the Mexico scene shows Superman’s growth
  • Hearing Metropolis Clark’s voice
  • Why the paramilitary likely aren’t a US sanctioned unit
  • Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor performance
  • The penalties for defacing a federal monument
  • Batman opening the door to the extraordinary
  • That’s probably not the train station at the end of Man of Steel

…and more.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Teaser Trailer #1 via YouTube
Official Uncompressed Teaser – 50,000 kbs bitrate, visible grain (Size Warning: 843 MB)
A cure for Convergence-triggered nostalgic pining for the past: GraphicAudio presents Superman: The Never-Ending Battle

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  1. I truly felt that this trailer was cut together to amplify the part of the story, that they would have time to explain in detail during the movie. Throughout your podcasts you have explained a lot of what was missed by the casual fan who walked out of Man of Steel confused and uninspired. The movie is much deeper than people think and it really is a good piece of storytelling without hand feeding people every detail.

    This trailer really expresses the worldviews being had by the humans living on the DC cinematic Earth. There are many differing opinions, regarding Superman, that seem to echo movie-goers opinions on ‘Man of Steel’. Batman is not evil, but I feel his distrust for all-things-not-him is pushing him to pursue a course of action that is driven by the feeling of ‘powerlessness’.

    The fear of the unknown.

    We have yet to see how Lex Luthor plays into all of this, but the Batman/Superman ‘fight’, certainly won’t be the final act of this movie. It’ll be the turning point in the film.

    Trailers are cut together to ramp up excitement for a film. We have no way of knowing if Zack Snyder cut that Batman dialogue from different parts of the movie as a misdirect to get audiences talking. ‘Tell me’, ‘Do you bleed’ and ‘You will’ are all separated by a pause. Who knows if it was all spoken in the same scene or cut together from different parts for the trailer.

    I love your analysis. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great use of “eschatology,” i.e., a theology’s view about the end of the world. It is one of the most important ideas in all of sociology.

  3. I really love ur channel n website!!! Awesome work!! keep it up!!

    Yes the BvS trailer was really great, loved how its all connected to events n small moments of MOS!

    waiting for a new Video from u guys, related to the BvS trailer.. pls pls do so!!!

  4. No, I’m not seeing someone with a as high a rank like Nathan Hardy bowing down to Superman. he stood up to and drew a knife on Faora, so why would Nathan bow down to Superman in a submissive way? they would be equals if Hardy didn’t get captured in the Phantom Zone. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131105182342/marvel_dc/images/a/a2/Nathan_Hardy_(Man_of_Steel)_001.png http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dcmovies/images/f/f2/Hardy.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130522203928 http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dcmovies/images/f/fe/Nathan_Hardy.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131127011418

  5. Hey Doc! Why do you think Batman has a beef against Superman?
    What do you think of the characterization between Routh’s Superman and Cavill’s Superman?

  6. And keep up the great work!!! Ur AWESOME!! I hope Zack Snyder and other people will notice your channel and website they will love it and appreciate it like me!

  7. Always great to hear your commentary! I’m excited to hear what you thought of the IMAX teaser screening and all the extras that were given (I got to go too). Thank you for your posts, your site is my oasis from all the internet hate I see about Superman nowadays… (even from Superman fan sites!) Keep it up!

  8. Finally got around to listening to this. Great breakdown, Doc. BTW the offical Joker image just dropped. What are your thoughts? Will you dedicate a podcast to it or bring it up in the next one? I think it’s creepy. His eyes are following me lol.

  9. Really insightful breakdown, especially the info about how big of a deal it is that somoebody vandalized the federal Superman monument. You’ve got a good voice for podcasts (in fact I think you’re the first one-man podcast I’ve fully listened to), you could voice over your videos instaed of the text at the bottom of the screen.

  10. I’ve been catching up on these. I loved the myth debunking videos. And I really appreciate these deep analyses of media. One of the things I loved about this teaser was the excellent juxtaposition of foreground and background dialogue with images to convey significant information about the film’s tone and themes, particularly in the first half of the teaser.

    You noted how the “alien” background dialogue complements, or subverts, Neil’s description of Superman as a being. But, more interesting is how the second background dialogue — “This is our planet!” — complements Tyson’s statement that Superman “challenges our sense of priority”, with the background reacting against human priority on Earth. The same happens in the rest of the first half.

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