23 – Arctic Adventure – Lois & Perry

coverblackContinuing our commentary from Clark seeing Jor-El’s hologram and the hibernation pods until Lois leaks the story to Woodburn.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • How does the Ship make Clark feel mortal?
  • What are the risks of saving Lois Lane?
  • What does the Sentry have to do with Kryptonian armor?
  • Can you save someone you have endangered?
  • How does Clark know how to diagnose and treat Lois?
  • Is the cauterization of internal bleeding a thing?
  • Logistics of dropping Lois off and who is flying the Ship?
  • How many Jor-El AIs were active at any one time?
  • Why haven’t the military tracked down the Scout Ship?
  • What is Lois and Perry’s interaction shorthand?
  • What DC character was Woodburn supposed to be?
  • Why did Lois leak the story?

…and more!

Ultrasonic Tourniquet – Acoustic Cauterization
What’s The Loudest Possible Sound? | PBS Digital
Man of Steel Props
American Icons: Superman | Studio 360

The views expressed by Carl Bernstein (particularly in reference to his 1992 article, “The Idiot Culture” and 2007 interview revisiting the topic) and others in this episode do not necessarily represent the views of the show or represent an endorsement by the show or its author. Simon Pegg has recently expressed somewhat similar ideas about science fiction and popular culture as once engaging the issues of the day instead of being purely escapist entertainment. Worth discussing another time.

This May 25th… please remember.

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  1. I, too, think that Clark piloted the scout ship out of Canada with a voice activation.

    Oh, man. Lois’ article is pretty terrible. Let’s hope that if they need to show another one in the future, they get an actual reporter to write something 🙂

    And, I love your thoughts about Lois still having a shot at convincing Perry of something until he sits down! I’ll have to go back and rewatch those scenes to look for that.

    Great episode!

  2. I really enjoy the commentary. Your breakdowns aren’t just to counter claims of injustice done by Man of Steel, but it allows me (and others I’m sure) to enjoy the movie on another level.

    I particularly enjoy the deep look into the journalism part of the story in this episode. Lois’ interactions with Perry, Woodburn and Clark are scenes that seem to zip right by while watching the movie. But there’s so much there to digest.

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into these podcasts!

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