24 – Jor-El’s Hologram – So Many Questions

coverblackContinuing our commentary from the polar bear to just before the reveal of the suit.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Why a polar bear in a Superman film is funny
  • How the Scout Ship speaks English
  • How is a self-healing ship traditional to Superman?
  • Why didn’t Jor-El tell Kal about the Codex?
  • Criticisms about Jor-El’s first meeting with Kal-El
  • How Jor-El knows the adult before him is Kal-El
  • How Jor-El knows to trust Lois Lane
  • Why a hologram of Lara wasn’t made
  • Why Jor-El wouldn’t have ended it by asking Kal to blitz the Black Zero
  • Why meeting Jor-El was so stoic
  • Why Jor-El emphasizes Krypton’s environment as harsher
  • What Fermi Paradox reconciliations are in Man of Steel?
  • How does Man of Steel comment on Plato?

…and more!

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  1. Great show! Lots to “chew” on lol

    Why do you think the ship had a genesis chamber if it didn’t have a codex?

    • Thanks for listening. Good question, in retrospect, I missed out on talking about the Genesis Chamber.

      If you go outside the film, the answers are pretty clear… in the prequel comic, each scout ship has its own “growth codex” which means they have the capability of starting a Kryptonian colony all on their own. This also tends to reinforce some other ideas I’ve discussed in past episodes: that scout ships were meant to find planets that are habitable even without a World Engine (if colonization couldn’t begin until a World Engine, then why is the Genesis Chamber in the scout?) and that Zod had a narrow concept of Krypton that didn’t include using the growth codex from 18,000 years ago… he would want to have the benefit of 18,000 years of “evolution.”

      Zack Snyder goes into the lore of the codex a bit more in this interview, indicating there is more than one codex: https://www.yahoo.com/movies/v/man-steel-live-q-204500533.html

      If you stay inside the film, you can still reach the same conclusion: that the Scout Ships must have a way of being used other than having to bring a singular unique codex from the home planet to each colony-to-be. Especially when you consider how “slow” their faster-than-light travel is (compared to a Phantom Drive’s instantaneous jump). Although Zod was only interested in the modern codex within Kal-El, it doesn’t mean that the original colonists were dependent on a codex back at home… much more likely and reasonably each ship has its own codex, even if outdated by Zod’s standards.

      Thanks for the question, sorry for the delay in answering, don’t have as much time to work on MOSAIC as I’d like!

  2. The more I listen to your deep analogy, the more I wonder if the movie was too smart for it’s own good. Thinking about all the movies that have won academy awards over the years and I feel that this may have been overlooked. It may not have been taken seriously simply because it was a ‘superhero movie’ and therefore can’t nearly be as smart as it appears.

    I hope someday, everyone who put so much time and effort into this masterpiece get recognized for their work rather than criticized for what they didn’t deliver.

    • Thanks for listening, I don’t know if the movie was too smart for it’s own good, but I do think it gave audiences a lot of credit which not everyone deserved… they weren’t willing to put their preconceptions at the door, consider the implications only of what was shown on screen, or empathize with the characters as they were (instead importing a lot of expectations from outside the film or information the characters didn’t have). I definitely think the film’s overall perception will improve with age and that it’s a little ahead of its time. If Marvel doesn’t change up their formula, a few years from now, MOS might be seen as the cure to films which all have the same tone… maybe.

      I think people are ready to take superhero films seriously, they just weren’t ready to take Superman seriously… at least not this seriously… they still wanted to experience the tropes before they were earned (and, to be fair, that’s traditional Superman in many ways… throughout history, he just sort of shows up and starts being Superman like a crazy man, but we’ve gotten accustomed to it over 70 years). Assuming Superman shows growth from MOS to BVS to JL, I think people will look back and admire the foundations set by MOS at providing a rational way a Superman can be born. Why you do good, wear the costume, etc.

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