36 – Batman v. Superman TV Spots

coverblackReaction to the first two Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice television spots.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Humor in TV spots
  • Kevin Smith on the CW special
  • Spoiler definition and policy
  • Riding the wave into BvS
  • Marketing
  • Audience and family react to BvS during TFA
  • Lex Luthor sponsored content
  • Mad scientists and Tesla
  • David Goyer on fatherhood and Man of Steel
  • Joseph Campbell quote in Superman’s costume

…and more.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – TV Spot 1 | WB Pictures
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – TV Spot 2 | WB Pictures
The Suicide Squadcast | Tim & Scott
Variations on Shylock by David Suchet & Patrick Stewart | Matt Bracksieck
FAT MAN ON BATMAN 009 | Kevin Smith
The Lowdown interviews Zack Snyder | Obsev
Anne Hathaway’s Batman advice to Jesse Eisenberg | Total Film
Nikola Tesla: Strange Genius
American Icons: Superman | Studio 360
The Writers Panel #238: David Goyer | Nerdist
Michael Wilkinson at CCXP 2015 | Omelete
Building Better Cities – TED Radio Hour | NPR
The Power of Myth | Joseph Campbell
Skullcrusher Mountain | Jonathan Coulton

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    • Haha, thanks for listening. I’m busy but not planning to retire the show anytime soon, especially not with BvS right around the corner. In a weird way, I hope apologetics (answers to address questions, concerns, criticism) for BvS won’t be necessary and that I’ll be irrelevant for that purpose… but I also can’t imagine something with the anticipated realism and depth of BvS not causing people to raise refutable issues.

      That said, I haven’t even finished on MoS yet! If I’m winding down, I’ll let people know and not just leave them hanging. For now, it’s just because I’m busy there’s no way I can do a weekly show and even bi-weekly is stretching it.

  1. enjoyed the latest podcast as always. Hope we will get more frequent episodes as BvS release date comes closer. Keep up the good work

    • Thanks, we’re getting tons of info from interviews, to casting, to set photos, to posters, and more!
      Personally, I’m not reading too much into what he said about Doomsday. I’m sure they have development bibles filled with ideas of what happened or where it could go, but I don’t think there’s a commitment to do those things yet. The biggest single takeaway from that interview is that Zack used the name “Doomsday” as if it were a given when, up until now, no one has officially said the name.

  2. Dr. Awkward, Out of Curiosity considering the anticipation of it was equal to BVS, what was your opinion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    Also, since we now know that that Justice League 1 will be filming in April for probably 6-7 Months(MOS:7 Months, BVS: 8 Months, SS: 5 Months) do you think that 11-12 months will give Zack time to refine the visual effects in the film?

    I only ask because of the visual complexity JL will have(along with narrative, character and thematic complexity of course). With The Flash, Aquaman/Mera, Cyborg, and other character, I just hope that He’ll have the time JL needs in Post-Production.

    • I saw TFA twice. The first time there was massive relief that it was going to be a crowd pleaser and strong feelings about a certain spoiler. The second time I enjoyed it more for the filmmaking… but I think I came away a little more dissatisfied with the story. Basically, whereas the filmmakers for MOS repeatedly said, “We tried to pretend no other Superman films existed.” TFA was intensely aware of catering to the prior films and fan expectations, playing it extremely safe.

      All that said, I’m going to reserve judgment. I want to judge it on its own merits after the hype has died down a bit… and then part of its own larger arc with 8 and 9. The former being incredibly hard because this is a film that does everything in its power to draw on the past.

      With the entire DC film slate, I wouldn’t worry about the visual effects. Part of the benefits of a shared universe and advanced movie slate is that you can amortize the costs and development across films. Just an easy example… consider tracing Zod’s heat-vision through Wayne Financial; having the original digital assets cuts animating the BvS exterior-shot down to one-tenth the time and effort (compared to doing it without the assets). By the time we reach Justice League, they’ll be fully literate in doing FX for the Trinity and the others provide the novelty and spice which creative-types need to remain driven, excited, and passionate about their work. It’s a smart overall strategy that’ll pay off.

      • The Comparison you made between MOS and TFA is interesting and something i haven’t thought of before you wrote it down.

        I’ve seen TFA twice as well and loved it, but i can’t deny that after the second viewing i was feeling some New Hope vibes a lot more than there should have been. I’m don’t disagree with Abrams saying that the film had to go backwards on the important parts to go forwards for the characters, but i felt like that TFA should have been a little more different than what was seen.

        That being said, i still love the film. It’s my favorite film from JJ, It’s fun, funny, very thrilling and impressive, the spoiler you were talking about was something i knew would happen from the moment the first word was said, but my heart was still racing all the way through it. I also think there is potential for a lot of the new characters(Mainly Kylo Ren, Finn, Maz Kanata and Snoke). I would also add in Rey as well seeing that she is the lead and she awesome, I’m just saying that we’ve never really seen people like Kylo, Finn or even Snoke in the Star Wars Universe before.

        Also have you thought about doing a comparison blog post about MOS and TFA or anything involving the latter once the talk and hype about it has died down?

        P.S. In response to your answer about WB/DC’s VFX, I’m not that worried about it now, especially with Justice League. Given Snyder’s experience/knowledge with Visual Effects, the team he has and the preparation for the visuals that are going on as we speak, I think he’ll be ready to release JL in November next year.

        • The potential for Star Wars is huge, it’s just different to switch from looking back at it as something where the fans brought the lore to something where we’re immersed in the ongoing product. I haven’t really wrapped my head around it yet. I like both experiences, but it’s harder to evaluate the latter (or the former independently of the latter). No plans for a direct JLU / SW comparison anytime soon, but I can anticipate comparing the respective approaches and universes after we’re two or three films in.

          • Good Point. Last Question(s) on this post, but out of curiosity and since you’re a fan of the Rocky Franchise, What did you think of Creed and did it exceed your expectations?(I’ve seen it three times in theaters and loved it.)

            1. Are you excited that Ryan Coogler is directing Black Panther and is it a Marvel Film that Interest you?

            2. Speaking of, Do you plan on reading the new Black Panther Comics by Ta-Nehisi Coates this April?

            3. Despite your schedule, have there been any movies you’ve gotten a chance to see last year and what are some of the movies you’re anticipating this year?

            4. In Zack Snyder, were you aware of him and his films before MOS and did you see any of his films beforehand? Did after seeing/analyzing MOS made you respect and admire himself as a filmmaker and as a person?

            5. Were you also a fan of Warner Brothers as a studio and if so, what do you like/love about WB?

            6. What are your thoughts on the current state of the American Film Industry in terms of Finance/Creative, certain films being made and studios obsession with Big Movies?

            7. What are your thoughts on the Academy with what’s going on right now and also, are you a viewer of Independent Films?

            Going Back to No.6, I do feel that there are certain films being made more than others and the “bottom line” is more important to some studios than quality(excluding WB), but I’m actually optimistic and hopeful in the film industry and in terms of Superhero Films, as long as the movies are good/doing different things, finding real, creative reasons to exist other than cashing in on the genre, than i think we’re good.

            The Reply is very long, but i just wanted to put it out now while I’m still remembering these questions.

            P.S. Are you interested in seeing Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed, do you play Video Games on your free time and Xbox or Playstation?

          • Lots of great discussion topics, I don’t know how deep I can get into it during a lunch break but I’ll take a shot:

            0. Really enjoyed Creed, exceeded expectations, likely to buy the disc

            1. I haven’t seen Fruitvale Station so I haven’t seen enough to judge myself… my excitement is more because people I respect are excited; I’ve read Priest and Hudlin’s Panther runs, but never really got into the character. Being on Earth and non-cosmic already makes it more interesting to me than magic or space stories, but Panther can be kind of out there too.

            2. Yes, I’m pretty excited by talented “outsiders” taking on superheroes… recently Yang and Landis on Superman, Simone in the past, even Marston on Wonder Woman, etc. After decades of being an insular hobby and talent pool when the audience’s collective assumptions continued to be reinforced by the writing, the medium and stories are mainstream enough that everyone can engage and get input from people not as ready to give-in to “gimmies”… to challenge and reinvigorate these long standing mythologies so that they can live again and longer. Rambling… speed this up!

            3a. The Big Short – not anything you didn’t know if you listen to Planet Money or Freakonomics, but I finally feel like others around me get it now!; the Martian for its authentic take on scifi; Mad Max beautiful; 99 Homes tense; Ex Machina slow but psychological scifi; Shaun Sheep kids loved more than Minions, ditto Paddington; that’s all I can think of from memory.

            3b. All the genre films… Kung Fu Panda 3… Hail Caesar… can’t think of anything besides genre films right now.

            4. Yes. I don’t think Zack was my first pick, but definitely grew to admire him more through Watchmen and MOS. The single biggest thing that made me admire him was an interview with Omelet or Collider where he acknowledge what Watchmen was to comics and what Superman could be. That’s where it became clear to me that he’s self-aware, intentional, and not oblivious, and that gets reinforced again and again upon further examination. I try not to judge him as a person too much, but he does have an admirable work ethic, collaborative spirit yet with integrity, appears to have loyalty, family, charitable works, and looks after his body… so there’s definitely good and admirable things about him.

            5. Yes, going back to The Matrix and their commitment to bringing the “unfilmable” to life. Lots of other things, no time!

            6. Maybe back to this another time. http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/09/11/439632877/episode-650-the-scariest-thing-in-hollywood

            7. Another time; Yes, but picky

            8. Yes, not opening weekend, but I usually try to see everything genre. I worked in the games industry for several years and was a head game designer for two… I have family who still work in games today… and I haven’t had time to play a videogame since GTA5 in 2013! There might be some exceptions but I can’t think of any right now.

            Thanks for the interesting questions, wish I had more time they’re great thought provoking discussion topics.

  3. Hi Doctor, you gonna talk about your thoughts of the second Sneak Peek with Superman delivering an ultimatum towards Batman?

    I think it really cements Superman as a powerful authoritative figure, but is noble enought to show mercy towards a being he could easily squash in a second.

  4. Now people are complaining that Superman didn’t put out the fire. Looks like there needs to be a comeback answer for that.

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