6 – Weaknesses Part 1 – Atmospheric Explanation, Environment & Equipment

coverblackThis is part one of a two part series where we cover Superman’s potential weaknesses in Man of Steel. In this episode, we cover how the atmospheric weakness interacts with Kryptonian powers, the environment, and equipment:

We begin with the basic theory and parse what Jor-El tells us about Kryptonian powers.  We then point out the problems with the basic theory as complicated by the Kryptonian helmets in Smallville.  We then try to reconcile the issue with a few different theories.

While covering our topics, we will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • Why Superman’s strength doesn’t come from Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Why Zod wore a helmet in Earth’s atmosphere, what he was breathing, and why he didn’t suffer respiratory distress when he lost the helmet.
  • A better analogy for the function of the powers than drinking.
  • The function of Zod’s helmets and why they didn’t wear them during the attempt coup on Krypton.
  • How the Prequel Comic is still a stumbling block.

…and more!

Events Subjects Power sense issue Sun Breathing Comments
Childhood Kal-El unknown unknown yes E-Air years of pain – Ma & Zod
Bridge of Zero Kryptonians, no helmets no (likely) no no (likely shielded) K-Air  
Bridge of Zero Kal-El no (restrained) no yes (stored) K-Air temporary respiratory issues
Escaping Zero guards w/ helmets no (can be shot, stopped, wrestled) no no (likely shielded) unknown (likely K-Air)  
Escaping Zero Kal-El yes no yes (stored) E-Air (Lois safe) strength immediately returns
Smallville A Zod & Faora w/ helmet strength no yes unknown (possibly K-Air)  
Smallville B Zod & Faora no helmet strength yes yes E-Air sensory temporary
Dropship Zod no helmet likely no yes (stored) unknown (likely K-Air) no issue until stepping off ship
Arctic Zod no helmet likely briefly yes E-Air  
World Engine Kal-El yes no (likely) yes unknown E / K mix unknown

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