7 – Weaknesses Part 2 – Observed, Speculated & Interests

coverblackThis is second and final part of a series where we cover Superman’s potential weaknesses in Man of Steel. In this episode, we cover the explicit weaknesses we saw in the film, speculate on ones that could arise from the film or tradition, then discuss how Superman’s character and interest is the main means of creating conflict. Finally we discuss whether Batman actually has to harm Superman for there to be compelling conflict.

While covering our topics, we will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • How does neck trauma work?
  • What powers turn characters into flesh golems?
  • Can Superman taste beer?
  • What is a microbiome?
  • Would sensory overload work on Superman?
  • What is shaving times one hundred?
  • How does inexperience hurt?
  • Why Batman doesn’t need to KO Superman.

…and more!

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  1. I think a theory for shaving is that Kal’s durability or invulnerability is a will superpower. So if he wants his hair cut of shave his bear, he just simply lowers his forcefield and he becomes “like a normal” human being.

    • Not a bad solution. It would fit with most of his other powers being “at will” rather than passive and resolve other issues regarding how Superman interfaces with others and the world. I can’t think of anything that explicitly contravenes this except maybe floating in the ocean after the oil rig rescue (if he was unconscious while under the water and if his invulnerability needs to be actively maintained… maybe the “switch” is active, but once on or off it is passively maintained).

      Of course, it’s different than tradition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Interesting thought, thank you!

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