Birth of a DC Comics Fan [Game Theory]

Fun to watch the birth of a comic book fan. That huge and crazy universe was one of the things I miss. He takes some unnecessary shots at the main guys and has the misplaced assumption that everyone else is going to be as on-board with talking primate detectives in a deerstalker, but all easily forgiven by his enthusiasm.

I think is conclusion about more reality-oriented film is shame-based is wrong too. It does make it more accessible for people not ready to accept a housecat with phenomenal cosmic power, true… but what he doesn’t get is that for the longtime fans, we’ve lived in that world for decades… seeing a realistic take is actually refreshing for some. There’s no one right flavor, especially when you can have them all.

When DC Nation was running full steam, you got every flavor of DC under the sun between the main shows and the shorts, which I know has imprinted on some kids out there to make life-long fans. I don’t need any one piece of media to be the be-all-end-all DC experience (film, animation, videogames, television, etc), so I’m fine with different tones in different places… but if there’s any apparent DC void right now, it’s that apart from Teen Titans Go and the occasional Lego Batman, there’s a lack of all-ages material.

Around this time of year, I start missing the DCU Holiday Special… hopefully Convergence filler will provide that bit of nostalgia to warm the cockles of my heart.

A new episode should be out tomorrow. I may be taking a holiday break (or just do some mailbag questions), so happy thanksgiving!

JSA (2004) #52
The-BlackCat @ DeviantArt

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