Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Back from vacation but already have plans for the next two weekends. If I have time, I’ll put out the episode that was recorded-but-not-edited before the WW episode. It’s also a little long, so I might just pull one segment out and publish just that… the two main contenders is Clark consultations before surrendering and a breakdown of the Doomsday fight… and I’m leaning towards the latter, but I suspect the WW film will make me want to record footnotes I don’t have time for!

    Baby Driver makes me miss Atlanta.

    • Take your time Doc. For me, your insight into the Doomsday fight would be great. I have watched it literally hundreds of times, but you pointed out in WW episode that she is the one who showed her lack of team play and temperament by attacking Doomsday first, which I have never thought of. I am sure there’s more to digest regarding the nuke, the layout of the port, batman’s original plan, why Lois Lane threw the spear away in the first place, how can the league improve, possible training scene between Bruce and Diana, etc. Can’t wait. Would you think a romance between The Bat and the princess possible?

      • Thanks John, it was gratifying the new trailer has WW talk about teamwork showing her growth. There’s a lot there about Doomsday but the episode segment cut out was just about the Trinity fight. I do have some older cut segments about the nukes, Doomsday’s healing factor, etc. but that needs to go into an episode about Doomsday rather than the fight. An interesting possibility is that JL gives us more information about Kryptonian physiology / resurrection and that, in turn, informs us about Doomsday. Given that Doomsday is, in principle, a resurrected Zod… it could be understood by Batman, that at least in theory, Superman could come back if the method of resurrection were less malicious. Maybe.

        To be honest, I think there are some plot holes surrounding the handling of the spear after Batman decides not to use it… both in discarding it and in expecting it to still be there (I suppose you can fix the latter with a tracking beacon?)… but I haven’t reflected on it long enough to find a satisfactory apologetic for myself. That said, the positioning and preparation of getting Superman to the spear (as mocked in a recent Justice League Action short) was originally an issue to me- even from my first viewing, and one that I admitted to Sam Otten in private messages- but just recently, I figured out an apologetic that mostly covers it for me (it isn’t super elegant, like “this HAS to be the answer” but it’s at least a plausible justification) and will be addressed in an upcoming MOSAIC podcast. So maybe one day a good explanation will snap into focus for the other stuff….

        Regarding WonderBat… it’s possible, but I suspect they want to keep those channels free for the individual franchises, which at this point are more viable than- say, Hulk or Black Widow, which is why pairing has less impact unless or until they do those solo films… even as Ragnarok absorbs Planet Hulk, Hulk loses another love interest from his tradition. So it’s not impossible, but strategically they’ll probably avoid it.

  2. Emmanuel Adeloye

    Love your work man. I mean I seriously love it. I come to this website weekly to see if anything new is uploaded and I’m re listening to all your podcasts and commentary.

    • Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I wish I had more time to produce more content and more reliably, but I do the best with what I have for listeners like you. Thank you.

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