Man of Steel’s Action Comics No. 1 Tribute

Man of Steel deftly honors and pays tribute to Superman’s first appearance in the historic and iconic Action Comics No. 1.

The homage is done with with subtlety compared to more on-the-nose tributes. Allowing the audience to stay in the film’s reality rather than be taken out by an obvious reference. Perhaps too subtle… as I think I may be the first person to make this suggestion nearly two years after the film’s release.

Incidentally, prior to the release of the film, Cassidy’s was always referred to as “Cassidy’s Roadhouse” in leaked “Autumn Frost” call-sheets… nowhere else is Cassidy’s called a “roadhouse” even if that is literally what it is.

Intentional or coincidence? If intentional, what other gems are hidden in the film?

Inspired by MOSAIC Episode 17 – Trucker Tantrum – Action Tribute

If you’ve got an idea for a myth that my meager editing abilities might be able to tackle let me know for future videos!

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  1. I love Man of Steel and just put together a list of 29 homages in the movie. One is the Action Comics tribute, which I credit to MOSAIC. But I think Man of Steel fans will enjoy the full list:

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